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Veho Cave Smart Security

Cave is a brand of smart home security devices created by Veho, a UK based designer of lifestyle consumer electronics, selling worldwide in over 100 countries.

The Veho Cave Alarm System is an excellent way to start introducing yourself to smart alarms. The starter kit is composed of:

The whole smart home system is easy to set-up and install with zero charges to use the devices. The compatible app is free to download and there are no monthly fees or subscriptions necessary. In the event of a mains power outage, the Cave Smart Hub has enough battery power to keep it running for another 5-8 hours. You will also receive an SMS notification of this outage if a SIM card is inserted

Connect the smart hub to the included sensors for up to 180 meters of range (in an open area). This allows you to smartly protect your property with sensors that detect motion up to 9 meters in front of them with 110° ­­visibility. The smart hub can send you SMS text alerts in the event your Wi-Fi goes down, so you always know when your property is being monitored.

You can also pair your alarm system with Veho’s very own indoor wireless IP camera. The Cave Wireless IP Camera is designed for use with the Cave Smart Home system. The camera is easily added to your existing Cave system using the Cave App. Wherever you are in the world, you can log into the App and view live footage from your home. Total peace of mind.


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