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FIBARO Updates: Home Center APP 1.11


The new updates are here!

FIBARO are consistently upgrading to deliver the best smart home experience that you can have. This is why FIBARO have recently updated the the Home Center App. 

Read on to find out more about the new updates…



What’s New?


New favourite sections

FIBARO have improved the functionality of the main app screen, allowing you to use your favourite devices
and adjust the visibility and order of your favourite sections quicker.

  • Alarm zones, cameras, lights, blinds and heating view – zones and thermostats
  • Possibility to set the number of lines in favourite sections
  • Possibility to hide favourite sections
  • Change  the way of displaying home summary and new summary elements



Favourite rooms summary

In the favourite rooms summary you can group control the devices in chosen rooms

  • For example,  turn all the lights on, open the rollerblinds or turn off all devices.
  • Check the state of sensors in the room summary easily.
  • Thanks to the transparent view of the accessible sensors in the room, you can easily monitor the state of security and safety sensors and the state of temperatute, humidity, insolation or power measurement.



Home summary

In home view the first accessible thing is the home summary, in which you can group control the devices for the whole house or chosen rooms, i.e. turn all the lights on, open the roller blinds or turn off all the devices.

Additionally, like in case of favourite rooms you can check the state of sensors in the room summary or go to the detailed devices list.



Wall mode

When you use the app on the device mounted on the wall, the main favourites screen is more visible, and
you can see the summary of your home from the comfort of your couch.



Faster connection with the gateway

Updates to improve the connection when starting the app and  with the gateway have considerably reduced the time from starting the app to taking actions in the house, such as starting the scene or turning the light on.



Upcoming colour change

With the next update the Home Center app will become an integral part of Yubii ecosystem which will enable the integration of devices from Nice Yubii.


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