myQ - How It Works

myQ In A Nutshell

myQ is a smart home technology that communicates with your compatible devices over the internet, allowing you to control / monitor them with ease no matter where you are in the world via an internet connection.

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Person checking myQ app
myQ App

The free myQ Garage & Access Control App is available for download on iOS and Android

What is myQ?

Chamberlain myQ is a smart home technology that enables you to able to take control of your home like never before. You have full control, even when you're not at home!

No need to second guess if you locked the gate or garage door, check their status on your smartphone. It's that easy!

myQ Smart Garage

What can myQ do?

myQ man on phone

With myQ you can receive activity alerts, helping to keep you updated on the move. You'll know about any opening or closing of your gate & garage door, great for knowing if the kids have gotten home from school okay.

Why stop there? You can also schedule your myQ devices to operate to fully flexible pre-set schedules, such as automatically opening the gate in a morning before you head out to work.

Having friends or family over? No problem! Manage access for guests to control your gate & garage door in a few simple steps. Quick and easy to adjust as needed.

  • Full access for two co-owners, limited access for up to five guests.

How does myQ work?

myQ operates using two-way communication, ensuring that you can monitor and control your smart home devices from anywhere in the world via an internet connection.

Your internet-enabled device will communicate with your Chamberlain Internet Gateway which will pass information between your device and your gate or garage opener, be it commands to open and close or status/monitoring queries.

Device of Choice

Control your gate or garage door via smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch

myQ phone on desk
Chamberlain myQ Gateway In Situ

Chamberlain Internet Gateway

Your command is then transmitted over the internet to your Internet gateway device

Gate or garage opener

Your command is then received and carried out by your compatible opener device

Chamberlain ML810EV & ML1040EV Garage Door Motor
myQ Garage Door Closing

It's that simple!

Control and monitor your myQ devices in no time at all

myQ is compatible with a wide variety of Chamberlain & LiftMaster Evolution gate and garage door openers.

Not sure if your system is compatible? Have concerns about installation / set-up? Fear not! Contact our friendly technical sales team by contacting us.