ENER-J Infrared Heating Panel White Body 360W (595*595)

  • 595-595 Complete Infrared Heating Panel
  • 360W-aluminium Frames
  • Insulation Layer
  • Back Plate Power Cable Packing

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Heat your home in the most modern way possible thanks to  IR panel heaters. These infrared heaters are designed to fit into a wide range of areas such as suspended ceilings and into your living room.

Featuring dimensions of 595 x 595mm, the Classic White 360W Infrared Heating Panel is perfect for installations into suspended ceilings, similar to what is found in offices and other commercial buildings.

The set-up is also a lot easier than a traditional central heating system, with each infrared panel requiring a 240V AC feed straight into it by the supplied 3-Pin Plug,  each fitting consumes a modest 360W as well, meaning you recoup the set up costs at an alarming rate.

You needn’t worry about burning yourself  with the infrared heater, as each panel surface temperature is limited to 115°C, which means that despite providing heat around the room, it still runs at a temperature that allows you to get close to them.

Be aware, they are still too hot to hold on to, so if you wish to move them, you will need to wait until the heater is at a cool enough temperature.

This infrared heating panel is also IP44 rated, meaning that cleaning it isn’t a problem and you can simply wipe whatever marks or stains you have on their.

Add some discreet heating to your home with the Standard 360W Infrared Heating Panel for 600 x 600 ceiling grid.


  • Infrared heating is 100% natural, safe, highly efficient and CO2 free.
  • There are no maintenance costs by using them (up to 70% less cost than with central heating).
  • They can reach a surface temperature of 115°C, ensuring an optimum comfort level.
  • They will integrate beautifully regardless of your interior decor, be it home or office while they make no noise, so they remain unnoticed.

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