EZVIZ RH1 3-in-1 Smart Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Experience Effortless Cleaning with the EZVIZ RH1 Smart Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner. Tackle Messes with 3-in-1 Functionality: Sweep, Vacuum, and Mop. Self-Cleaning Brush, Smart Stain Sensing, and Dual-Tank Design. Enjoy Low Noise Technology and Long Runtime. Say Goodbye to Tedious Chores – Embrace a Cleaner, Healthier Home Today!

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RH1 3-in-1 Smart Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

EZVIZ RH1 3-in-1 Smart Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

All messes now have one solution

It’s time to get your hands on this next-generation vacuum cleaner. Clean your home effortlessly yet effectively, no matter what kinds of mess your kids and pets create. The RH1 from EZVIZ tackles sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming all at once then self-cleans its own brush. It goes anywhere in your home to find and remove those dirty stains. Designed for all types of hard floors, it simplifies household chores and makes everyday cleaning shorter and sweeter.

  • 3-in-1 Mop, Vacuum & Floor Cleaner
  • Smart Suction & Flow Control
  • 12,000 Pa Powerful Suction
  • Smart Stain Sensing
  • Smart Water Volume Adjustment
  • Dual-Tank Design to Separate Dirty/Clean Water
  • Corner & Edge Cleaning
  • Long Runtime to Clean Up to 200 m²
  • Rolling Brush Self-Cleaning
  • Automatic Air Drying
  • Low Noise Technology
  • Easy to Maneuver, Organize & Store

Made with love for your family

When your little ones curiously experience the world, we take care of the stubborn, sticky messes and dirty paws they leave behind. The RH1 keeps their play environment safe and healthy.

  • Safe for pets
  • Eases Daily Chores
  • Enhances Your Smart Home

To the new era of floor cleaning

Overwhelmed by repetitive chores? The RH1 is a one-stop solution for hard floor cleaning. We designed it to vastly reduce your time and efforts, setting you free for more creative activities.

  • Sweep
  • Vacuum
  • Mop
  • Wash & Air-Dry

Built to tackle even the worst stains

From bread crumbs to sticky sauces, you can always rely on the RH1 to restore the sparkle to your floors.

Stronger – Suction power up to 12,000 Pa †

No more sore back or straining to clean the floor. The core vacuum motor technology brings impressive suction power to remove both dry dirt and wet waste.

Smarter – Smart dirt & stain sensing

With a built-in infrared sensor, the RH1 detects waste to know how dirty the floor is. It automatically adjusts water flow, roller speed, and suction power based on the exact need.

Easier – The right mode for each task

With Auto, Standard and Power modes, you decide how to accurately balance the runtime with just the right level of cleaning.

It takes vacuum-mopping seriously

Regular mopping is crucial in keeping your home sanitized and preventing allergens. However, if you clean with a dirty mop or polluted water, the results can go very wrong. The RH1 ensures not only a clean mop, but also precise mopping techniques for the maximum effective clean.

Clean with continuous fresh water

With the high-capacity dual-tank design, waste and clean water never go to the same place. That means you are really cleaning rather than just “relocating” the dirt.

Clean floors with no water streaks

The RH1 automatically adjusts water flow to make sure it’s not mopping with an overly wet brush. When cleaning on the go, it dries the floor and leaves behind no water spots or streaks.

Mop with a self-cleaning brush roller

Supports 60C Hot water, Self-cleaning while mopping, the high-efficiency brush roller is able to get rid of dirty wastes during operation. Even better, it works with hot water for enhanced sterilization.

Always spotless and ready for the next use

Set the RH1 on the self-cleaning cycle so it flushes out remaining hair, dirt, and debris. It will dry completely to prevent germs from building up.

Easy to maneuver and interact

Stay informed about the power level, ongoing tasks, and maintenance alerts, with the help of the large LED screen and auto-play voice prompts.

Cordless power for a big family – Cleans up to 200M2

Thanks to the large water tanks and the large-capacity battery, you can easily trust the RH1 to go all the way across the living room and to every bedroom.

Reach every edge and corner

No more anxiety about the hidden dust in those hard-to-reach corners. The RH1 cleans in tight spaces, too.

Fits nicely into your cozy household

When you take the time to clean, the RH1 will not annoy your family or pets. The RH1 features multiple noise-cancelling technologies to keep the sound-level low.

An great addition to every home and every family

Clean every room with effortless handling for every family member

Go anywhere, upstairs or down, with no wires or power cord

Stay organized Easy to charge

What’s In the box

  • Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner RH1
  • Charging Base
  • Power Adapter
  • Additional Replaceable HEPA Filter
  • HEPA Rack
  • Additional Replaceable Rolling Brush
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Brush Rack
  • Cleaning Solution
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Manual


Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes

Weight2 KG
Dimensions (L x W x H)280 × 227 × 1100 mm

Misc Product Attributes

Hardware Specifications

Clean Water Tank Capacity (mL) 700
Waste Water Tank Capacity (mL) 600
Rechargeable Battery Capacity (mAh) 4,000 mAh
Brush Roller Motor Speed 550±12% (485~615)rpm
Fan Motor Speed (rpm) 45,000


Power Adapter Output 26V-1.0A
Charging Time for Full Battery 4±0.5h
Rated Voltage (V) 21.6
Run-Time (min) ≥35 (Standard), ≥20 (Power)
Operation Noise Level (dB(A)) ≤78 (Standard), ≤80 (Power)
Maximum Suction (Kpa) 3.5 (Standard), 6 (Power)
Maximum Flow (L/S) 10.3 (Standard), 12.5 (Power)
Suction Power (AW) 16 (Standard), 30 (Power)
Power Modes AUTO, Standard, Power
Power Rating (W) 130 (Standard), 200 (Power)
Surface Type Hard Floors, Tiles, Marbles,Sealed Wood Floors, Laminate, PVC

Smart Functions

Rolling Brush Air Drying Supports
Self-Cleaning Supports
Water Flow & Suction Auto-Adjustment Supports
Dirt Level Detection Supports
LED Display Supports
Supported Languages Currently supports English (By default), French, German & Italian.
Dirty Water Tank Full Alert Supports
Refill Clean Water Alert Supports
Device Status Voice Alerts Supports