FIBARO Door/Window Sensor (HomeKit)

FIBARO Door/Window Sensor is a HomeKit-enabled Hall effect sensor using Bluetooth® low energy technology. Along with detecting positioning and opening/closing, the accessory also measures the ambient temperature. Opening is detected by separating the sensor’s body and the magnet.

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FIBARO Door/Window Sensor (HomeKit) is compatible with the following systems:
Works with Apple Homekit


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The FIBARO Door/Window Sensor may be installed anywhere, and combines the functionality of contact and temperature sensors in one easy to use product. It is available in 7 different colours. It is a battery operated device that uses wireless network communication. Thanks to its double sided adhesive tape you can place the device anywhere you want.

The FIBARO Door/Window Sensor is easily mountable on doors, windows, garage doors, gates, roller blinds, closets, and more. Use it for monitoring the opening/closing of doors and windows.

Use your iOS device through Apple TV, iPhone or iPad, which serve as a hub in the home. Speak to command. Siri knows the status of the HomeKit-enabled products in your home.*


*full support of Apple HomeKit technology depends on Apple Inc.

Door/Window Sensor

Contact & Temperature Sensor


Extremely compact

The FIBARO Door/Window Sensor fits anywhere thanks to its small size, allowing for extreme versatility and many different mounting options. Thanks to it's compact design the sensor is unnoticeable making it the perfect security and style solution.

Universal contact sensor

The FIBARO Door/Window Sensor combines the functionality of the 2 devices:
contact and temperature sensors in one easy to use product. It is available in 7 different colors.


Temperature Sensor

Thanks to built-in temperature sensor The device will monitor status of climate in your home.

Temperature Sensor

Font door opened alerts

The FIBARO Door/Window Sensor will notify you if the front door are opened. Now you will have the peace of mind knowing that your children have arrived home safe and sound.

Hive Multizone Thermostat Active Heating (Upgrade)

Tamper protection

The FIBARO Door/Window Sensor's casing is protected from being opened or destroyed.

Hive Active Heating and Hot Water Thermostat WITH Professional Installation (HHW)

Turns the heat on and off*

Do you sometimes forget to turn off the heat during ventilating a room on a cold day? That will never happen again. The FIBARO Door/Window Sensor, in cooperation with other HomeKit enabled devices, will not allow for the energy and heat loss.

Hive Active Heating and Hot Water Thermostat Self Installation (HHW)

*available in cooperation with other HomeKit enabled accessories


Want to keep your looking stylish and modern, while also providing the security and peace of mind that you deserve? The FIbaro Door/Window Sensor offers a solution with no ugly plastic bits on your window or door frames. Now, you choose the best matching color to suit your taste.

Hive Active Heating Thermostat Self Installation (HTG)

Monitors medicine cabinets

There are certain places that should be out of bounds for the younger members of your family, such as medicine cabinets, with the Fibaro Door/Window Sensor you can monitor those out of bounds areas with ease.

medicine cabinet

Monitors pet doors

Have a pet that likes to scare you half to death when they don't return until the early hours of the morning? Why not fit a Fibaro Door/Window and keep track of their comings and goings.

cat coming out of pet door

Activates welcome home scene*

Imagine coming home from a long day of work and when you walk in you have a fresh cup of coffee being prepared for you, thanks to the Fibaro Door/Window sensor this can be your reality thanks to HomeKit enabled devices.

Setup home scenarios

Protects your home

The FIBARO Door/Window Sensor was designed to use on windows and door frames to protect you and your family from a burglary. With motion detection you are notified of any unwanted guests.


*available in cooperation with other HomeKit enabled accessories

Wireless Update

The FIBARO Door/Window Sensor has been designed to get firmware updates automatically with just one click in mobile app.



The FIBARO app makes installation and configuration extremely simple. Users get extended setting options for FIBARO devices - unavailable in the Home app. To add a FIBARO device working with Apple HomeKit, simply scan the code and confirm the installation.

The Button has been designed to get firmware updates automatically with just one click in mobile app.

Manuals and Guides

Frequently Asked Questions


Why can't I pair my Sensor?


There are some potential solutions:

  1. Ensure your Door/Window Sensor is powered on
  2. Ensure your mobile is close to the sensor
  3. Ensure the setup code you are using is correct
  4. If you have more than one Door/Window sensor, use the ‘identify’ function
  5. It is possible you may need to reset the sensor


Why is my sensor not shown on the adding screen?


There are some potential solutions:

  1. Ensure the sensor is turned on
  2. Ensure the sensor is in close proximity to your device
  3. If the sensor has just been connected, wait a moment, and try again
  4. The sensor may need to be reset


I have just reset my sensor, but it is still visible in the app. Why?


You need to manually remove the sensor using the app.


I removed my accessory manually using the application interface, but cannot pair it again. Why?


It’s necessary to perform the reset procedure of the sensor according to the instructions in the manual.


The sensor was paired successfully, but it doesn’t report the status of opening/closing. Why?


There are various reasons:

  1. The cover of the sensor is the wrong way around – reverse it and try again
  2. The sensor is out of range – move closer with your mobile
  3. The battery has died and needs to be replaced


How to install the sensor with screws? What maximum diameter is possible?


Maximum diameter is 2.5mm. The sensor can be fitted using screws in the 2 holes at the ends.


Why the accessory is equipped with two tamper buttons?


Utilising two tampers prevents from two ways of interference. First tamper (located under the casing) detects tampering whenever the casing is opened. The Second one (located under the device) detects tampering if the sensor is detached from the surface.


Can I mount the sensor outside?


No – only install these sensors indoors.


I received a tampering notification, but the sensor is safe. What is wrong?


There are 2 possible actions:

  1. Ensure the casing is closed and correctly orientated
  2. Ensure the sensor doesn’t stick out from a surface


The battery is low, how do I replace it?


Remove the cover, take out the current battery, insert a new one and re-close the cover.


Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes

Weight30 grams
Dimensions (L x W x H)71 × 18 × 18 mm

Door Sensor Dimensions

Vandal Resistant?Yes
Mounting TypeSurface Mounted
Operating Temperature0-40°C (32-104°F)

Electronics Attributes

Power SupplyBattery (ER14250)
Voltage3.6V DC
Battery TypeER14250 (1/2 AA 3.6v)
Number of Batteries1