FIBARO The Heat Controller & Starter Pack (Z-Wave)

Z-Wave remotely controlled thermostatic head that measures temperature, automatically adjusts heating accordingly.

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FIBARO The Heat Controller & Starter Pack (Z-Wave) is compatible with the following systems:
Z-Wave Compatible


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The Fibaro Heat Controller is a Z-Wave remotely controlled thermostatic head to control temperature in your room. It measures the temperature and automatically adjusts the heat level. It can be mounted without tools on three types of thermostatic radiator valves. You can create schedules via app to easily manage temperature throughout the week.

The optional starter pack version includes the Fibaro Heat Controller & the Fibaro Temperature Sensor. The two devices work together in unison to measure temperature in the room even more accurately than before! It can be placed anywhere in the room and the device will use it as an additional reference point for the room temperature. This boosts both energy efficient and money saved even further!

Compatible Mounting Options

  • M30 x 1,5
  • RTD-N
  • RA-N


  • To be installed on three types of valves: M30 x 1.5, Danfoss RTD-N and Danfoss RA-N
  • Compatible with any Z-Wave or Z-Wave+ Controller
  • Supports Z-Wave network Security Modes: S0 with AES-128 encryption and S2 with PRNG-based encryption
  • Built-in battery recharged through standard micro-USB port
  • Easy installation – no tools required
  • Can use an optional dedicated temperature sensor;
    • Pair the sensor with the thermostatic head
    • One thermostatic head can be paired with one sensor
    • One sensor can be paired with up to three thermostatic heads
  • Supports heating schedules
  • Automatic calibration
  • Anti-freeze function
  • Decalc function
  • Unconstrained rotation spherical knob to set desired temperature.

Manuals and Guides

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the FIBARO Heat Controller?


The FIBARO Heat Controller is a Z-Wave compatible, remotely controlled thermostatic head to control the temperature in your room.


How can I use FIBARO Heat Controller?


You can use it:

  • in scenes,
  • with the heating panel,
  • manually.


Can I use The FIBARO Heat Controller directly with electric heater/furnace?


The FIBARO Heat Controller works only with radiators with M30 x 1.5m, Danfoss RTD-N, and Danfoss RA-N (with adapter) valves.


What happens after my battery runs out?


Valve becomes fully opened.


Which kind of valves support The FIBARO Heat Controller?


It supports M30 x 1.5 type and Danfoss RTD-N and Danfoss RA-N (using adapters).

Important: the valve must now be installed horizontally.


Can I use the extra temperature sensor in scenes without the participation of The Heat Controller?


No – Extra Temperature Sensor works only with FIBARO Heat Controller.


What kind of battery is used in the device?

  • Thermostat FGT-001/FGBHT-001
    • Thermostat FG(BH)T-001 has a built-in battery (lithium-ion cell) that is not replaceable.
    • The declared lifetime of the battery is 300 charging cycles.
    • It takes about 4 hours to fully charge the battery.
    • It is necessary to use a USB charger with a power of at least 2,5W (500mA).
  • Extra temperature sensor FGBRS-001
    • The sensor is powered by a CR2032 lithium battery.


How to properly charge the battery?

  • It is recommended to fully charge the battery before installing The Heat Controller on the thermostatic valve.
  • It is recommended to charge the battery before the start of the heating season and after the end of the heating season.
  • If possible, it is recommended to remove the head for the charging process.
  • The device memorizes the last valve setting while the battery is charging. The device does not regulate the temperature during the charging process. The device may inaccurately regulate the temperature for an hour after the end of charging.


What is the estimated working time of the device?

  • Using an extra temperature sensor: 10 months (error rate + – 25%).
  • Without an extra temperature sensor: 11 months (error rate + – 25%).


How long does the calibration take?


Typically, the calibration process takes about 30 seconds.


What type of heating is recommended for using with the Heat Controller?


The best heating type to be controlled by the FIBARO Heat Controller is the one that holds the most constant temperature or slowly fluctuates. Hence, the Heat Controller can act accordingly. With more significant temperature changes, the Heat Controller may underheat or overheat the rooms.


How to install an extra temperature sensor to make it work the most efficient?

  • It is recommended to place the temperature sensor at a short distance from the radiator. It is best for the sensor to “see” the radiator. It should be noted, however, that the temperature is regulated at the point where the sensor is located.
  • The position of the sensor should be selected experimentally. You can place the sensor one meter from the radiator and verify for a few days the quality of adjustment, then increase the distance, for example, one meter, etc., until you get satisfying results.
  • Do not place the sensor where it can be touched by people and animals or other objects that may heat or cool it and distort results.
  • Do not place the temperature sensor in the places where drafts are present.
  • Do not cover the temperature sensor with anything.
  • It should be kept in mind that the room temperature is not evenly distributed. Apart from the influence of other factors, for example, other heat sources (fireplace, fan heater) or drafts, the temperature also depends on the height above the floor level. The difference between the temperature at the floor and the ceiling can reach up to 3 degrees of Celsius. Keep this in mind when choosing a location for your external sensor.
  • Place the device on non-metallic surfaces.


Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes

Weight100 grams

With the adapter: 56 x 87 mm


Without the adapter: 56 x 74 mm


Fibaro Heat Controller Dimensions

Fibaro Heat Controller Dimensions

Protection Rating (IP)20
Operating Temperature0°C to 40°C

Electronics Attributes

Power Supply3.7V Li-Poly battery pack (non-replaceable)