Monitor Audio – Vecta V-MOUNT Bracket

Securely mount your Monitor Audio Vecta speaker with the V-Mount bracket for versatile audio dispersion. Angled by 25 degrees or tilted a further 32.5 degrees with a wedge for optimal sound direction. Compatible with the Vecta connection system for a seamless installation

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      Vecta V-MOUNT brackets from Monitor Audio solves the issue of delivering wide audio dispersion from wall mounted speakers, as it allows the speaker to be angled by 25 degrees or titled a further 32.5 degrees with a wedge.

      The range of Vecta speakers can be mounted horizontally or vertically, thanks to the straight wall mount bracket – V-MOUNT. Available with an optional wedge, the speaker can be angled by 25 degrees or tilted a further 32.5 degrees (when using the wedge). This ensures the audio is directed to the desired location.

      By opting for this bracket, the integrator can quickly and easily drop the speaker on the bracket and secured it with a single screw. After installation, no wires are left visible. The Vecta connection system is built into the bracket and speaker, and can only be specified with the correct choice of Vecta bracket. Acoustically, Vecta has been designed to work best when mounted to a wall or solid boundary.

      Please note: V240 sold separately.

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      Weight200 grams