Yale Premium Plus Motion Sensor

Additional PIR Motion Sensor for the Yale Premium Plus HSA Series Alarms. Allows you to extend the protection of your home.

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Add an extra layer of security to your Yale Premium Plus Alarm with an additional PIR Motion Sensor.

**Please note** This sensor is compatible only with the Yale HSA6000 Series of alarms and security kits (e.g. HSA-6410, HSA-6610, HSA-6200, HSA-6600).


  • Activates the siren when the infrared sensor picks up motion
  • Wireless accessory, compatible with the Yale HSA series alarms
  • Detection range of 110° and 12m radius
  • Pet friendly – will not trigger the alarm for a pet that weighs less than 27kg
  • Easy to install

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the detection Rage?


The detection range is 15m,110 degrees.


Do the sensors have sleep timers?


The PIRs have a built in sleep timer to save battery power. If there is no movement in front of the PIRs for 1 minute, the PIRs will become “ready to signal” and movement will now be reported. The PIRs will sleep for 1 minute after reporting.


Product Specifications

Electronics Attributes

Battery TypeAAAA (1.5v)
Number of Batteries3
Battery Life (Estimated)2