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Level Up Your Garden With Erhardt Markisen Awnings


Wouldn’t we all like to be able to enjoy our garden and be outdoors as much as we can? Why not extend the valuable time we can have on our patios or terraces with friends and family? The range of retractable awnings we have in-store offer a stylish and practical addition to your home and help you manage sun and rain conditions, allowing you to get the most out of your garden.


Dealing with the wildly varied weather conditions in the UK can put a dampener on how and when we are able to enjoy our gardens, but an awning can provide you with both sun and rain protection; allowing you to increase the usage of your terrace or patio. A key feature of our awnings is to offer protection from the sun and provide shade to both your outdoor sitting area, and if mounted over a window or French door, the room it covers.

In fact, during the summer months, an awning acts as an energy saving solution by blocking the sun’s rays from heating up the interior of a room by up to 75%! This removes the need for cooling devices such as fans and air conditioning and reduces your energy usage. Most of our awning fabrics will also give protection from the drizzly rain we often see here, however, we also offer a range of fully waterproof fabrics if you feel that more substantial rain protection is required.

Nearly all of the awnings we supply have an option of a built-in wind sensor, to automatically retract the awning if the wind becomes too unsettled, giving you peace of mind that your awning is protected in quite adverse conditions.

With the additional option of lighting and heating under your awning, you have the opportunity to turn your outdoor area into a much more usable space for relaxing and entertaining in a comfortable atmosphere for much longer. In the cooler autumn and winter months, you can still enjoy the use of your outdoor seating area with an infrared heating element designed to sit under your awning. The modern design offers a stylish solution and heats up to a pleasant temperature in a very short time. All of these additions, as well as the opening and retracting of our awnings, come with a variety of remote and channel options, depending on your choice, and can be fully automated with the Somfy app, to give you full control from your phone.Awnings

We are suppliers of Erhardt Markisen awnings, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of products for outdoor living. Installing an awning of this quality can be a valuable investment in extending the use of your garden year-round and will give an on-trend, stylish aesthetic to the exterior of your home. For over 40 years, Erhardt Markisen has been at the cutting edge of awning quality and design, so durability and longevity are guaranteed.

In-store, we can give you a demonstration of an app we use to show 3D product visualisation on whichever surface you would like to mount your awning. Using this app, you can see where the shade will be cast depending on the position and pitch of your awning, as well as visualise how it will look with many fabric and finish options. You will then be able to try this yourself at home. We have multiple options of size and width available and as our products are built to order, this can be varied down to the centimetre to be tailor-made to meet your requirements.

Drop by the showroom or give us a call for further information.