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Introducing the Aqara Presence Sensor FP2: The Cutting-Edge Smart Home Sensor is changing the game

Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 is now available

As the official UK distributor of Aqara smart home products, Smart & Secure Centre are thrilled to announce the launch of the Aqara Presence Sensor FP2. This innovative smart home sensor is powered by cutting-edge millimeter-wave radar technology, offering unparalleled accuracy and stability in detecting human presence, even with slight movements. With its advanced features such as zone positioning, multi-person detection, ultra-high precision, and integration with popular smart home ecosystems, the Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 is set to revolutionize the way you automate and secure your home.

Zone Positioning: Taking Automation to the Next Level

One of the standout features of the Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 is its zone positioning capability. Unlike traditional PIR infrared motion sensors, which monitor a room as a whole, the FP2 can be divided into up to 30 small zones, such as a sofa, bed, or desktop. This allows for highly precise automation based on the specific zones you define. For example, you can set up different automation conditions for different zones, such as turning off lights and adjusting temperature when no one is in the living room, while keeping the lights on and temperature comfortable in the bedroom.

Multi-person Detection: Smart Automation for Everyone

The Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 is also capable of detecting up to five target people simultaneously, without interfering with each other. This means that even in a multi-person household, the sensor can accurately respond to the presence of different individuals in different zones. For example, if someone is in the living room watching TV, and another person is in the bedroom reading, the Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 can trigger automation based on the position of each person, creating a truly personalized and convenient smart home experience for everyone.

Aqara Presence Sensor FP2

Ultra-High Precision: Privacy and Accuracy Combined

Privacy and accuracy are top priorities for Aqara, and the FP2 delivers on both fronts. The use of millimeter-wave radar technology allows for non-inductive signal detection without collecting real images, ensuring the privacy of your home. The FP2 is also more stable than infrared sensor detection, even when you’re sitting or sleeping, providing consistent and reliable performance. With its ultra-high precision, the Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 can accurately detect human presence and movements, allowing for seamless automation and security in your smart home.

Aqara Presence Sensor FP2

Control Other Devices via HomeKit and More: Seamless Integration with Popular Ecosystems

The Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 is designed to seamlessly integrate with popular smart home ecosystems, such as Apple HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Home. This means that you can easily control other smart home devices through these ecosystems using the FP2 as a trigger. For example, you can set up automation rules in HomeKit to turn on lights and adjust temperature when the FP2 detects someone entering a room, or use Alexa routines to trigger actions based on the presence or absence of individuals detected by the FP2. The FP2 is also exposed as multiple sensors in these ecosystems, allowing for even more flexibility in setting up automation rules tailored to your needs.

Aqara Presence Sensor FP2

Fall Detection and Alerts: Enhancing Home Safety

In addition to its presence detection capabilities, the Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 also features fall detection and alerts. When installed on the ceiling, the FP2 can detect if someone falls in a room and notify you immediately. This can be especially useful for elderly individuals or those with medical conditions, providing an extra layer of safety and peace of mind. The FP2 has a range of 2 meters in radius, and the accuracy of fall detection is over 98%, making it a reliable safety feature for your smart home.

A total game Changer

The Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 is an innovative and cutting-edge smart home device that offers significant advantages over traditional PIR infrared motion sensors. With its millimeter-wave radar technology, it can accurately detect the presence of people even with slight movements, ensuring the continuity and stability of the smart device. It also has the function of zone positioning, which allows for the automation of different conditions in different zones, such as beds and tables. The FP2 can divide a space into up to 30 small zones and recognize up to five targets, making it ideal for multi-person households.  The FP2 can also control other smart home devices through ecosystems such as Apple Home, making it a versatile addition to any smart home setup. Its functions such as human fall recognition and a built-in light sensor make it a great helper that can truly combine the diversity of the user’s home life and realize the automation of different personalities.  With its local automation and flexible installation methods, the Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 is easy to set up and use. Its IPX5 rating allows for installation in wet environments such as bathrooms, and its hidden USB-C port increases placement flexibility.

The Aqara Presence Sensor is available here from today.  If you’re looking to enhance your smart home setup with an innovative and versatile smart home device, the Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 is definitely worth considering. Its advanced features and functionalities make it a must-have for anyone who wants to make their life more convenient, comfortable, and secure.