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Never need your keys again

Switch from your old-fashioned locks & keys to a solution without keys. Use the Bold app to open your door. Thanks to its Duracore construction, the Bold lock is a physical upgrade of your current cylinder. The Bold lock is also SKG *** certified. Anyone can use the lock within 5 minutes. You install it Bold in 3 simple steps. No hassle with wiring.

Bold Smart Lock Convenience


Switch from your old-fashioned keys to a solution without keys. Use the Bold app to open your door.

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Bold Smart Lock is Safe


Thanks to its Duracore construction, the Bold lock is a physical upgrade of your current cylinder. Also SKG *** certified.

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Bold Smart Lock Easy to Install

Easy Installation

Anyone can use the lock within 5 minutes. You install it Bold in 3 simple steps. No hassle with wiring.

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Smart Locks

Bold Smart Lock SX Series

Bold Smart Door Lock Cylinder – SX-43

£178.80 inc VAT

You’ll never forget your keys again with Bold Smart Lock for doors, and you can share access with those you need for family or business.

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For the Home

Bold Smart Lock For Home

Arrange access with ease for the whole family

The Bold Smart Cylinder SX can be used in your own front door. Give your family that extra bit of security by protecting your home with this cylinder and easily invite people in with your smartphone. Here you will find more information on how to use the Bold Smart Cylinder at home.


Stay informed remotely with the Bold Smart Cylinder. Stay informed when your children come home. Receive a notification on your phone when your son or daughter activates the lock.

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The Bold app gives you total control. Did you know that you can control access accurately to the minute? Give access on certain days and times to your cleaners or invite your babysitter. Stay in control quickly and easily.

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SKG ***

SKG has tested the Bold Smart Cylinder extensively and rewarded it with the highest possible score. How many stars does your cylinder currently score? Time to give your family and home the extra piece of protection it deserves.

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Bold Smart Lock for Renters

Thanks to the quick installation that keeps your existing door intact, the Bold Smart Cylinder is allowed anywhere. Besides a screwdriver and the supplied Allen key, you do not need any other tools for installation.

Do you rent a house from a housing cooperative? Then there's a chance that you can't just make adjustments without permission. This is often due to the need for drilling or other work.

With the Bold Smart Cylinder there is no need to make adjustments to the door. This makes it easy to make your home a lot smarter, without changing anything in the door.

The Bold Smart Cylinder is easy to install. Within 3 minutes you can remove the old cylinder and replace it with the new cylinder. Wondering how easy it is? Take a look at the manual.

The lock is SKG*** certified and therefore accepted by insurance.

Bold Smart Lock For Renters

Renting out your home?

Remote access sharing. Convenience for your guests

Renting out a holiday home remotely requires a lot of energy. With the Bold Smart Cylinder you determine who has access to your holiday home and when. Give your travelers access in advance for a certain period of time with the Bold app. Have they finished their stay? Then their access is automatically removed.

Sharing a holiday home? Invite each other to the house with the Bold App. Exchanging and losing keys is a thing of the past. This way, everyone in your family can get in quickly and easily.

Bold Smart Lock For Renters
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Running an airbnb?

Invite your guests to use the Bold Smart Cylinder after their booking. This way they arrive prepared for your accommodation. You do not have to be present when your guests arrive. Especially at night this is of course ideal.


Bold Smart Lock For Offices

Total control with the Bold Smart Lock App. Exchanging keys is a thing of the past

Access sharing and control is easy thanks to the Bold app. No more hassle with replacing cylinders and keys or expensive card systems. Ideal for when you have changing personnel or just don't want to give everyone access to everything. Curious about our office solution?

Changing personnel

Do you have a business space with changing personnel? Having keys or cards made is a time-consuming job. Moreover, you need someone to manage the issue and collection of the keys or cards. Not to mention the additional costs. A waste of your time and money. The Bold Smart Cylinder offers the ideal solution. With this smart system, you decide for yourself who does or does not have access, remotely with your smartphone.


SKG 3 star certification signifies extra heavy duty burglary resistance.

Bold Smart Lock SKG

The Bold Smart Cylinder SX is certified by SKG with 3 stars. With this our product has achieved the highest possible score.

SKG are the top Dutch certification organization for the building and real estate sector, assessing and certifying independent door hardware. By certifying your locks/cylinders they meet the Dutch standard for Strength and Sustainability.

The Bold Smart Cylinder SX has been extensively tested by SKG and rewarded with the 3 star quality mark. With this, the product has achieved the highest possible score. What does a 3 star quality mark actually mean?

If a product passes the tests of SKG it can get a quality mark of 1, 2 or 3 stars. The higher the number of stars, the higher the burglary resistance. The stars indicate how long burglars are delayed.

The Bold Smart Cylinder's 3-star quality mark makes it extra heavy duty burglar proof. This means that the Bold Smart Cylinder is burglar proof for at least 5 minutes when using heavy duty tools. The number of minutes does not seem much, but for burglars these are precious minutes. The longer it takes to get in, the greater the chance of being caught.

Bold Smar Lock App Mobile

The Bold Smart Lock App

Decide who gets access, when. You are always 100% in control.

Wouldn't it be nice to have 100% control of your front door? The Bold Smart Cylinder allows you to decide who gets access, when and where. Your partner? Always access. The cleaner? Tuesday between 9:00 and 10:00. Anyone else? No access. Why use old-fashioned keys when you have 100% control over your home remotely with your smartphone and the smart Bold Smart Cylinder?

Keys are a thing of the past

Isn't it obsolete that we still use keys to open our front door? When you're away from home, you never really know what's going on. And if you lose your keys, the lock has to be replaced and new keys have to be created. It's a time-consuming job with unnecessarily high costs. With the Bold Smart Cylinder, a new era is dawning. With it, you decide who gets access, whenever you want.

Turn on notifications

With the Bold app you have total control over your home or office. Turn on your notifications and stay up-to-date, up to the second on what's happening to your front door. If someone comes in, you will be notified immediately. Thanks to the unique tracker, you also know immediately who has entered. It's such a nice feeling to know that the children are safely home from school. With the Bold Smart Lock,  way you always know exactly who has been in your home, now and in the past.

100% secure

Is there somebody out front without access? Then it's up to you to decide who gets access, remotely. That way you always keep an eye on visitors. That's such a nice idea. It's also a safe feeling. Speaking of which, how safe is the Bold Smart Cylinder? Extremely safe, as it's been awarded the SKG *** classification, the most burglar-resistant rating there is.

Decide who gets access

Is a friend coming to your house to pick something up, but you're not around? Then give them limited access to your home, for example for an hour. With the Bold Smart Cylinder you don't have to be at home anymore. You just give your friends access via the Bold app. Does the cleaner come by every Tuesday between 9:00 and 10:00? That's also easy to set up. That's how simple the Bold Smart Cylinder works.

The Bold Smart Lock PIN App

Emergency backup PIN code access for when you're stuck in a pickle

The Bold Smart Cylinder is completely keyless, even if you've forgotten your smartphone once or if its battery runs out. In that case, you can always open the door with a backup PIN code. You generate this code yourself in the Bold-app and enter it by turning the outside knob.