Eve Aqua – Smart Water Controller (3rd generation)

Elevate your garden care with the Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller (3rd generation). Effortlessly automate irrigation, manage schedules from anywhere via iPhone or Siri, and enjoy water efficiency with auto shut-off. Compatible with popular hose systems, this future-proof device supports Bluetooth and Thread technology for a responsive and robust smart home network. Discover hassle-free garden maintenance with Eve Aqua – the epitome of intelligent and convenient watering solutions.

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Eve Aqua – Smart Water Controller (3rd generation) is compatible with the following systems:
Matter CompatibleBuilt on Thread - Requires Border RouterWorks with Apple HomekitWorks with Siri Shortcuts

  • iPhone or iPad with the latest version of iOS/iPadOS
  • Controlling this HomeKit-enabled accessory automatically and away from home requires a HomePod or an Apple TV (4th generation or later) as a home hub

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Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller (3rd generation)

Automate irrigation in the garden and on the terrace – quickly and easily. Keep your garden green, even when you’re on vacation.

Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller (3rd generation) – a cutting-edge solution for automating garden and terrace irrigation. With autonomous schedules, convenient control via iPhone and Siri, and an auto shut-off feature, Eve Aqua ensures efficient and hassle-free watering. Gain insights into water consumption through the Eve app, and enjoy a hassle-free setup compatible with popular hose systems. Future-proof with Bluetooth and Thread technology, Eve Aqua is designed for a responsive and robust smart home network. Built to withstand the elements, it offers IPX4 water resistance and Australian-certified UV protection. Transform gardening into a smart and effortless experience with Eve Aqua.

  • Autonomous schedules
  • 7 watering periods/day
  • No bridge
  • Compatible with all popular hose systems
  • Bluetooth & Thread
  • Highest data privacy

Control your watering…

…automatically using schedules.

Eve Aqua takes care of difficult tasks while you relax in your garden: schedules start the garden watering regularly at a time and for a period of time that you specify. As schedules are stored directly on Eve Aqua, they can be run at any time – no matter if Eve Aqua is connected to your iPhone or the internet, and all without requiring a bridge or gateway.

…via iPhone, Siri or directly on the device.

Sure, you can water whenever you want with a touch of the onboard button. But it’s all the more satisfying to control Eve Aqua with your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and using Siri.

…from on the go.

On vacation and seen on the weather report that a heatwave is about to hit at home? Not a problem. Thanks to your home hub – HomePod, HomePod mini or Apple TV – you can stay connected and easily water your garden on the go.

And if the weather does turn out to be better than forecasted, you can pause schedules whenever you want, wherever you are.

Auto shut-off.

Waste of water and flooding due to forgetfulness are a thing of the past. After you have manually started watering, Eve Aqua automatically switches the water flow off again after a time that you specify once – reliably, quickly and quietly thanks to the magnetic valve.

Irrigate with insight.

How much water does your garden consume? The Eve app continuously calculates the watering amount.

Hassle-free set up for any scenario.


Alongside Bluetooth, Eve Aqua supports Thread. This technology makes your smart home network more responsive, robust, and increases its reach – the only other thing you need is HomePod mini or Apple TV 4K (2nd generation, 3rd generation 128 GB). More about Thread.  Thread is also a pillar of the new Matter standard.

Enjoy your garden.

Eve Aqua is built to live autonomously. IPX4 water resistance and Australian-certified UV protection keeps Eve Aqua shipshape season after season. Set up Eve Aqua once and turn a chore into smart watering.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I Reset Eve Aqua


Press And Hold The Front Button Until The Light Flashes Red 5 Times.

Reset Eve Aqua


Eve Aqua is a Minimal Thread Device (MTD) – but what does that mean?


Alongside Bluetooth, the current version of Eve Aqua supports Thread. This technology makes your smart home network more responsive, robust, and increases its reach – the only thing you need is a HomePod mini or the new Apple TV 4K. Battery-operated Thread accessories, such as Eve Aqua, represent endpoints in your Thread network.

By contrast, mains-powered Thread accessories that are always on, such as Eve EnergyEve Light Switch or Eve Water Guard, can act as router nodes within your Thread network and relay data packets. So, the more of these Full Thread Devices (FTDs) you have in your network, the more stable and greater its reach becomes.


Will Eve Aqua Fit My Faucet?


Eve Aqua’s standard 26.5 mm / ¾” thread fits virtually any regular outdoor faucet. When fitting Eve Aqua, screw it all the way on to the faucet using your fingers. Ensure it fits securely and that no water escapes even when the valve is shut.


Is It Safe to Leave Eve Aqua Running All Year Long?


While Eve Aqua is weatherproof and UV resistant, you should prevent it from freezing up, just like your hoses and sprinklers.


What Batteries does this require?


The Eve Aqua Water Controller Is powered By 2 x AA Batteries

Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes

Weight375 grams
Dimensions (L x W x H)77 × 95 × 128 mm
  • Height: 12.8 cm / 5 in.
  • Length: 7.7 cm / 3 in.
  • Width: 9.5 cm / 3.7 in.
  • Weight: 375 g / 13.2 oz

Electronics Attributes

Battery TypeAA (1.5v)
Number of Batteries2

Misc Product Attributes

26,5 mm / G ¾”


4 °C – 50 °C / 39 °F – 122 °F
Pressure: Min 1 bar / 14.5 psi – Max 5 bar / 72.5 psi
IPX4 Water Resistance
UV Protection


2x AA Replaceable Batteries




77 x 95 x 128 mm / 3.03 x 3.74 x 5.04 in


  • Eve Aqua
  • 2x AA Batteries
  • Hose Connector
  • Quick Start Guide EN / DE / FR / PT
  • Installation video (EN / US)