Eve Energy (HomeKit) – Smart Plug & Power Meter

Elevate your smart home experience with Eve Energy Smart Plug & Power Meter. Control lights and appliances effortlessly using Siri or an intuitive app, prioritising privacy with 100% data security. TÜV-certified and featuring advanced Matter and Thread technology for universal control, quick setup, and enhanced energy efficiency. Monitor power consumption, automate with presence, and future-proof your home. Explore the future of smart living with Eve Energy – your gateway to convenience, privacy, and cutting-edge technology.

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Eve Energy (HomeKit) – Smart Plug & Power Meter is compatible with the following systems:
Matter CompatibleBuilt on Thread - Requires Border RouterWorks with Apple HomekitWorks with Siri Shortcuts

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Eve Energy (HomeKit) – Smart Plug & Power Meter

Control your lights and appliances with a simple tap or by asking Siri, and see how much power they’re using.

Transform your home into a smart haven with Eve Energy Smart Plug – the ultimate gateway to a seamlessly connected and future-proof smart living experience. Effortlessly control your lights and appliances using your voice or a user-friendly app, and discover the power of advanced technology that prioritises your privacy.

Switch your lights and appliances on and off using your voice or an app, and control them from afar. Eve Energy features cutting-edge technology with Matter, Thread, and no tracking whatsoever – for a universal and rock-solid smart home that honors your privacy. 

Equipped with Matter technology and TÜV-certified build quality, Eve Energy offers outstanding ease of use and advanced security. Let your entire family control your home, no matter if they use an iPhone, Android device or call upon Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. Eve Energy is quick & easy to set up in just a few steps using the app or voice assistant of your favorite platform. The only other thing you need is a matching hub of the platform(s) of your choice. 

And the best thing about all Eve accessories is how they protect your privacy: Eve will never access, store, or process your personal data and there is no Eve cloud or bridge, so you can always rely on being covered by the privacy frameworks set and enforced by the platform of your choice.

  • Switch your lights and appliances on and off using your voice or an app.
  • Control your appliances on the go or based on presence.
  • Matter-enabled to let you seamlessly control your home across smartphones and voice assistants of all major platforms.
  • Get up and running in a flash with quick & easy set up / TÜV-certified / requires home hub (see evehome.com/hub) 
  • Cutting-edge Thread network technology for a robust smart home; enhances the stability and reach of your Thread network.
  • 100% Privacy: No Eve cloud, no registration, no tracking. Local communication without cloud dependency.
  • With the free Eve app for iPhone and iPad, Apple Home users can effortlessly set up schedules to automatically control devices, track power consumption and benefit from more insights and settings.

Empower your appliances…

…using schedules.

Schedules enable you to automate lights, humidifiers, fans and other vital devices. You can then get on with your business while your accessories get on with theirs – all without the need for a home hub and independently of your iPhone or internet connection. You could have a floor lamp turn on at sunset even if you’re not at home – that’s not only convenient, but also reassuring.

…via the Eve app and Siri.

Already made yourself comfortable? Hands tied? Turn your devices on and off with a simple tap or by asking Siri. You can also control Eve Energy directly via the built-in switch, which you can protect against curious fingers by activating the child lock.

…on the go.

Control your connected devices from anywhere – whether you’re strolling around the block or exploring the world. Your home hub (HomePod, HomePod mini, or Apple TV) will keep you connected to your abode.

…based on presence.

Automations seamlessly connect your HomeKit-enabled accessories. Have a light turn on as soon as the Eve Motion wireless motion sensor detects any movement. Or switch your appliances on and off based on whether someone is leaving or arriving home – and save precious power. As soon as the last person leaves home, all the lights and appliances will turn off automatically. How convenient is that!

Give one command to set the scene perfectly.

Combine multiple HomeKit-enabled accessories in a single scene and save yourself the hassle of running to and fro. A “Good Night” scene can turn on your bedside lamps, shut your shades and switch off all the other lights in your home with a single voice command.

Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes

Weight158 grams

Misc Product Attributes


Input / Output:
AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
max. 13 A / 2900 W


Type G (BS 1363) sockets & appliances


Bluetooth, Thread:


72 x 72 x 71 mm