Eve Flare – Portable Smart LED Lamp

Discover the brilliance of Eve Flare – the Portable Smart LED Lamp. Elevate your spaces with wireless, untethered illumination, effortless Siri control, and IP65 water resistance. Seamless integration with Apple HomeKit ensures privacy and security. Explore the future with Thread technology support. Glow with style and intelligence. Buy now for a vibrant smart home experience!

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Eve Flare – Portable Smart LED Lamp is compatible with the following systems:
Works with Apple HomekitWorks with Siri Shortcuts

  • iPhone or iPad with the latest version of iOS/iPadOS
  • Controlling this HomeKit-enabled accessory automatically and away from home requires a HomePod or an Apple TV (4th generation or later) as a home hub

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Eve Flare Portable Smart LED Lamp with Apple HomeKit technology

Indulge in the aura of any color you wish, anywhere you want. Eve Flare delivers ultra-versatile ambient lighting that’s so mesmerizing, you’ll recreate the ideal atmosphere again and again and again. Just for the joy of it.

With Eve Flare, set the perfect ambience with a quick tap or Siri voice command. Enjoy 6 hours of untethered illumination, wireless charging, plus IP65 water resistance. Explore ready-made shades or fine tune your own. And indulge in the aura of any color you wish, anywhere you want.

Eve Flare joins your Thread network automatically and is Apple HomeKit-enabled for outstanding ease of use with iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Eve Flare is quick & easy to install and set up, and doesn’t need a bridge. And the best thing about all Eve devices is how they protect your privacy: Eve does not harvest your personal data and there is no Eve cloud, so your data won’t get exposed.

  • Invigorate any space with beautiful light moods.
  • Control your ambience via your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Siri.
  • Set the perfect outdoor atmosphere thanks to IP65 water resistance.
  • Enjoy 6 hours of illumination and charge wirelessly.
  • Transport easily using the carry-and-hang handle.
  • Joins your Thread network automatically / supports Bluetooth and Thread.
  • Get up and running in a flash with quick & easy installation and setup, and no need for a bridge or gateway.
  • Apple HomeKit-enabled for outstanding ease of use and advanced security.
  • 100% Privacy: No Eve cloud, no registration, no tracking. Strictly local intelligence and direct communication without bridge or cloud dependency.

Integrates into your Thread network

Glow wherever you go.

6 hours of untethered illumination. Wireless charging. Durable casing with IP65 water resistance. Plus a carry-and-hang handle. Eve Flare is built to go from your bedroom to your balcony to your garden and beyond – virtually wherever you need a pop of light.

Set the mood in a snap.

Activating your desired ambience is effortless. Just use the app or talk to Siri whenever the mood strikes. Or set a timer and have Eve Flare come to life by itself, courtesy of your home hub.

Rediscover your favorite colors.

Explore ready-made shades such as scarlet, capri, and jade. Or handpick and fine tune your own. With the entire color spectrum at your fingertips, you hone the perfect hue for every occasion. And a quick swipe or voice command gets the brightness just right.

Robust smart home, with a big future ahead.

Alongside Bluetooth, Eve Flare supports Thread. This technology makes your smart home network more responsive, robust, and increases its reach – the only other thing you need is HomePod (2nd gen), HomePod mini or Apple TV 4K (2nd gen, 3rd gen 128 GB).

Thread is also a pillar of Matter – the smart home standard of the future. Eve Flare will receive a free firmware update to Matter at a later date.

Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes

Weight1 KG
Dimensions (L x W x H)250 × 250 × 250 mm

Misc Product Attributes