EZVIZ EP7 2K Smart Home Video Doorphone

Enhance your home security with the EZVIZ EP7 Smart Home Video Doorphone. Solar-powered, wireless, and easy to install, it offers 2K resolution, two-way talk, and compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa. Enjoy seamless connectivity and advanced features for ultimate peace of mind.

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This item: EZVIZ EP7 2K Smart Home Video Doorphone

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£399.00 inc VAT
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EZVIZ EP7 2K Smart Home Video Doorphone is compatible with the following systems:
Works with AlexaWorks with the Google Assistant

EAN / Barcode: 6941545631387


Solar-powered. Smartly connected. Easily controllable.

Welcome to the next generation of smart security for your home. Powered by solar energy, easy to use and with multiple locking and unlocking functions, the EZVIZ EP7 is the perfect wireless doorphone kit. Say goodbye to cumbersome, old-fashioned intercoms, the EP7 has a sophisticated and sleek design that will bring a modern aesthetic to any home – both inside and out. 

With its revolutionary designs, EZVIZ have taken intercom and home security a step further with the EP7. A removal battery, built in keypad, compatible solar charging panel and enhanced Wi-Fi stability and range are just a few of the features making this an innovative addition to the EZVIZ smart series. Now, with no wiring required between the outdoor doorphone and the indoor touchscreen monitor, this kit seamlessly integrates smart features to enhance your family’s home security, all without any messy installation. The adapted power supply also means that even with a power outage, the EP7 can continue to protect your home in conjunction with your smartphone.  

Combining future-ready technology with an eco-conscious design, the EP7 will guarantee effortless sophistication and peace of mind at home.  

2K Resolution

2K Resolution

7 Inch Colour Touch Screen

7-Inch Colour Touch Screen

Remote Door Gate Unlock

Remote Door/Gate Unlock1


No Wiring Between the Outdoor & Indoor Devices²


Two-Way Talk (Supports voice changer feature)


Solar-Powered with the Included Charging Panel³


Passcode Unlock


Remote Control via the EZVIZ App

Weatherproof Design

Weatherproof Design


Built-In Doorbell with Multiple Ringtones⁵


High-Performance Wi-Fi Halow™️

Supports MicroSD Card Up To 512Gb And EZVIZ Cloudplay Storage

Supports MicroSD Card (Up to 512 GB) & EZVIZ CloudPlay Storage2

Built to be incredibly simple in installation

With a battery doorphone, solar panel charging and no wiring between the indoor and outdoor elements, the EP7 is the perfect home security to get up and running immediately. The large lithium battery can be charged with the solar panel or can be detached completely for indoor charging. 

No Wiring Between the Outdoor & Indoor Devices


Zero Wiring Between the Outdoor Doorphone & the Indoor Monitor

Perfect for large houses

The EP7 is a great choice to upgrade to from older intercom system. No need to worry if you live in a larger home or those with thicker walls, the doorbell and gates will stay in constant contact with the indoor monitor using the integrated Wi-Fi HalowTM technology - always reliable despite long transition range or thick interior walls. The EP7 is even intelligent enough to optimise its own battery use!


Gate/Door Dual Controls¹


Wi-Fi HaLow™ for Steady Indoor/Outdoor Connection

Multiple locking and entry options

The EP7 offers a variety of selections for unlocking or granting access. 


The EP7 will get you through your front door quicker than ever before. Use one of the 3 included RFID fobs to instantly unlock or enter a passcode. Even if you forget your card - the keypad means you can always get in 


Family members can download the EZVIZ app which will also function as an access key. 


Family members can download the EZVIZ app which will also function as an access key. 


Issue temporary visitors codes for regular visitors such as babysitters or tradesmen 

A smarter, greener choice for your home

The EP7 has an IP65 rating for weatherproof design. Made for the outdoors, the doorbell can not only withstand harsh storms, but will also harness the power of nature with the included solar panel.


IP65 Weatherproof Design

Detachable Battery for Easy Recharging

Included Solar Panel for Continuous Green Power

Connect and control with an all-in-one touch screen

The 7-inch touchscreen will light up when someone rings the doorbell, letting you see who is at the door. Allows for customisation of settings and facilitates instant direct communication and video recordings. 

Sharp live footage

Two-way communication

Gate/door unlock

Video history and storage
(Supports microSD card of up to 512 GB)

EZVIZ HP7 2K Smart Home Video Doorphone

Say goodbye to missing visitors and deliveries

Even if you are not at home, you can access your home security system even when you are not home! Just use the EZVIZ app to set up instant alerts, use the Two-Way talk to speak to your visitors or turn unwanted guests away, unlock the door – or even disguise your voice to strangers! 

EZVIZ HP7 2K Smart Home Video Doorphone

Two-way communication

Remote unlock

Voice Changer for Privacy Protection

Visitor Access Control

Capture every detail in crisp 2K quality

Wide 162° viewing angle and superior 2k lens, the EP7 is built to provide sharp, ultra-wide images in vivid detail. The EP7 also works perfectly in low light circumstances and provides IR night vision for up to 5 meters. 

Captures details in pin-sharp focus

Exceptional night-vision

162° angle of viewing

EZVIZ HP7 2K Smart Home Video Doorphone

Extra convenience, thoughtful design

EZVIZ HP7 2K Smart Home Video Doorphone

Backlit name cards ensure visitors know they are at the right house

EZVIZ HP7 2K Smart Home Video Doorphone

Multiple ringtone choices to personalise your intercom3

Add modern elegance to your home

With an elegant design, the EP7 suits the need for a sophisticated yet minimal device. Both the doorbell and the touchscreen are a simple glossy black and operate with an intuitive user experience in mind. 

EZVIZ HP7 2K Smart Home Video Doorphone
EZVIZ HP7 2K Smart Home Video Doorphone

Consistent connectivity for improved performance

You can connect the indoor monitor to either the 2.4 or 5 GHz band to maximise the connection quality. Enjoy fast Wi-Fi with minimal latency, more bandwidth, and a steady signal.

EZVIZ HP7 2K Smart Home Video Doorphone
EZVIZ HP7 2K Smart Home Video Doorphone

Save storage space without compromising on quality

In comparison to the widely used H.264 video compression standard, H.265 provides a more streamlined watching experience with saved videos. Furthermore, you won't have to worry about enormous video clips taking up all of your storage space, because H.265 technology can cut their sizes by up to 50%4 without compromising on quality.

Safe, trust-worthy, scaleable storage options

Secure your recorded videos on a local microSD card of up to 512GB or subscribe to EZVIZ CloudPlay for fully encrypted cloud storage. 

Supports MicroSD Card

MicroSD cards supported up to 512 GB

Supports EZVIZ Cloudplay Storage

EZVIZ CloudPlay Storage supported 2

Data protection & privacy as standard

EZVIZ's products are designed to respect your data and privacy. You may also create no-filming zones to ensure that recording occurs only when it is acceptable and permitted.

EZVIZ HP7 2K Smart Home Video Doorphone

DNV has recognised EZVIZ for information security (ISO/IEC 27001:2013), personal data protection (ISO/IEC 27701:2019), cloud security (CSA STAR), and other achievements.

EZVIZ HP7 2K Smart Home Video Doorphone


Encryption of data transmission


Data encryption

  1. Please see the User Manual for further information on installation requirements and product compatibility.
  2. Local storage cards are not included, they are sold separately.
  3. Users may customise the ringtone emitted by the indoor display using touch controls or the EZVIZ App. The outside doorbell only has one preset ringtone and cannot be customised.
  4. Data from EZVIZ Lab's standard test results. The frequency and intricacy of the activity monitored, as well as other environmental conditions, will influence this.

What’s In The Box? 

  • Monitor 
  • Wall Bracket for Monitor 
  • Power Adaptor for Monitor 
  • Intercom Panel (Doorbell) 
  • Weatherproof Shield for Doorbell 
  • Drill Template for Intercom Panel 
  • Drill Template for Monitor 
  • Screwdriver 
  • Badges (x3) 
  • Screw Kit (x2) 
  • Name Card (x3) 
  • Wires and Wire Connectors 
  • Regulatory Information (x2) 
  • Quick Start Guide  
  • Battery for Intercom Panel 
  • USB Cable for Battery 
  • Power Supply Jack Connector Cable 
  • Solar Panel 
  • Pin  

Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes

Weight1.865 KG
Protection Rating (IP)65

Misc Product Attributes


Outdoor Doorbell

Image Sensor 1/2.7” Progressive Scan CMOS (supports low light sensitivity)
Lens 2.0mm @ F2.2 viewing angle 162° (diagonal)
Day & Night IR-cut filter with auto-switching, 850nm infrared light x2 (max 6m)
Frame Rate Max 15fps; Self Adaptive during network transmission.
Max Resolution 2048 x 1296 (2K)
Video Compression H.265 / H.264
Wi-Fi Standard IEEE802.11AH
Frequency Range 865 M-867 M (EU) 904 M-928 M (US)
Channel Bandwidth 2M (EU) 8M (US)
Security 64 / 128 bit WEP, WPA / WPA2, WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK
Wi-Fi Pairing AP Pairing
Max Transmission Distance Up to 350m in open areas, up to 80m in 2 enclosed spaces
Audio Input Built-in high sensitivity microphone
Audio Output Built-in high power speaker
Doorbell Button Supports one button
Name Cards 3 card stickers to handwrite, 1 is on the intercom panel.
Terminal 2 wiring ports to connect gate, 2 for solar panel and 2 for the electric strike plate
Password Keypad 0–9 digit digital password keyboard, supports 5x 6–10 digit passwords
Door / Gate Opener Supports 2 wiring ports. 1-10m distance. The intercom panel provides a dry-contact connection. Without an electrical current, to connect to the button for automated gate, gate breaking capacity 12V /2A.
Unlock Electric Strike Plate Supports 2 wiring ports. 1-10m distance. The electric strike plate or lock you order must have a mechanical memory. The power supply to the strike plate or lock must not exceed 12V/0.8A. Follow user manual instructions.
Door Open Methods 1.RDIF badge unlock (3x pcs and CPU card) 2.Password unlock 3.App Remote unlock 4.Indoor display unlock.
Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 175 x 86 x 34mm
Operating Conditions -20°C to 60°C, humidity 95% or less (non-condensing)
IP Grade IP65
Power Supply Battery (7.3V), Doorbell Solar Panel
Battery Capacity 2600mAh (5200mAh 3.7V) rechargeable and detachable lithium battery. 

Interior Display

Display Size 7” Touchscreen  
Resolution 1024 x 600 
Audio Input Built-in high sensitivity microphone 
Audio Output Built-in high power speaker
Button Screen on/off button
Terminal Two wiring ports to connect the power
SD Card Supports up to 512GB
Wi-Fi Standard IEEE802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ac
Frequency Range 2.4GHz ~ 2.4835GHz 5.15GHz ~ 5.25GHz
Channel Bandwidth Supports 20MHz
Security 64/128-bit WEP,WPA/WPA2,WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK 
Transmission Rate 11b: 11Mbps,11g: 54Mbps,11n: 150Mbps, 11ac:433.3Mbps 
Interface Protocol EZVIZ Cloud Proprietary Protocol
Protocol EZVIZ Cloud Proprietary Protocol
Ringtones 20 ringtones to choose from
Functions Live view, Playback, Two-Way talk, Video Call
Operating Conditions -10°C to 45°C, humidity 95% or less (non-condensing)
Power Supply 12-24VDC 1A power supply, adaptor (12V 1A included in package) 
Power Consumption 8W, Max 24W 

Solar Panel

Power Voltage 8.1V Max
Max. Power Current 240mA
Operating Temperature -20°C to 50°C
IP Grade IP65
Power Supply Battery (7.3V), Doorbell Panel
Product Dimensions 126 x 59 x 44mm
Weight 695g  


Total Package Weight 1865g
Certifications CE / WEEE / RoHS / REACH