EZVIZ RS2 Robot Vacuum & Mop Combo

EZVIZ RS2: Elevate Your Smart Home with a 2-in-1 4000PA Robot Vacuum & Mop Combo. Experience effortless cleaning and convenience at its finest. Transform your home today with this advanced cleaning solution!

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EZVIZ RS2 Robot Vacuum & Mop Combo is compatible with the following systems:
Works with AlexaWorks with the Google Assistant

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EZVIZ RS2 2-in-1 4000Pa Robot Vacuum & Mop Combo

EZVIZ RS2 Robot Vacuum & Mop Combo

Redefine hassle-free cleaning with hands-free experience

The RS2 is EZVIZ’s latest, impressive innovation that delivers tailored, automatic cleaning for your whole home. A 2-in-1 vacuum and mop, RS2 combines multiple robotic technologies, such as the industry-leading auto-mop installation and detachment, automatic self-cleaning and air-drying mop, and advanced mapping. With the RS2, you might never have to get your hands dirty again. The super-smart RS2 plans its own cleaning routes, changes its own cleaning pads and modes, and cleans itself after use.

Introducing the EZVIZ RS2, the perfect robotic cleaner for all types of floors, including carpets. Here are the amazing features of the RS2:

  • Smart Carpet Detection:uses an on-device floor-type sensor to detect carpets in real-time. When the RS2 has wet mop pads on, it moves away from the carpet area to focus on mopping hard floors.
  • Automatic Mop Detachment & Installation: Before starting to vacuum carpets, the RS2 will automatically return to the charging dock to detach mop pads. This frees you from manually flipping over the device and removing dirty cloths. And it’s done in just seconds.
  • Suction Boost Mode: applied when the RS2 is on carpets, to remove hidden, stubborn dust, hair, and pet dander easily.
  • Multiple Cleaning Missions: choose among four types of cleaning missions and the RS2 will do the job for you, effortlessly.
  • other features of the RS2 that make it a great cleaning companion: Dual Spinning Mop Pads, Powerful Suction, Dual Edge-cleaning Side Brushes, Safe with Soft, Durable TPE Plastic, and Voice Prompts for Device Tasks/Status
  • All-in-One Dock: charges, cleans, and prepares the RS2 for the next cleaning mission. It also has Auto-Mop Washing, Auto Air-Drying, Anti-Tangle Technology, and Auto Water Tank Refilling.
  • Navigation and Mapping: powered by D-ToF LiDAR, 3D Structured Laser, Embedded AI RGB Camera, Cable, Socks, Weight Scale, and Trash Cam. It also navigates your home easily with obstacle avoidance, fast mapping & route planning, customizable missions, invisible walls, no-go zones, move-to-here function, and auto-generate cleaning routes.
  • Large Runtime: up to 300m² on a single charge, built-in 5,200 mAh battery, full charge in 3 hours (50W fast charging), and large water tanks for in-depth cleaning.
  • Smart Home Integration: can be controlled remotely with the EZVIZ App, third-party voice assistants, and even features additional convenience and care, such as human shape detection, pet shape detection, home area patrolling, live viewing, recorded video history, and AES-128 data encryption.
  • Complete Package: everything you need to get started with the EZVIZ RS2 robotic cleaner is included in the box.

The EZVIZ RS2 is designed for all homes, large or small, and is elegantly styled to fit your smart home aesthetics. It is easy to use and will change the way you clean your floors.

Meet the RS2’s Automatic Cleaning Technologies

RS2 backgroundAutomatic Mop Installation & Detachment

RS2 backgroundAutomatic Mop Washing & Air-Drying

RS2 backgroundAuto Water Tank Refilling (For the Robot)

RS2 backgroundAll-in-One Dock for Mop Changing, Self-Cleaning, Charging & Storage

RS2 backgroundFour Flexible Cleaning Modes

RS2 backgroundD-ToF Laser Navigation & Mapping

RS2 backgroundAdvanced Obstacle Detection & Avoidance

RS2 backgroundRemote App Control & Map Customization

RS2 backgroundOne-Click Dock Control via the Screen

RS2 backgroundSmart Integration with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa²

RS2 background3K Camera for Additional Pet Care & Home Protection

RS2 backgroundStrict Data & Privacy Protection

Deep cleans all types of floors, including carpets

Carpets have long been a pain point in the robotic cleaning industry. Unlike other robot vacuum & mops that simply ditch carpet cleaning, or require human labor in changing dedicated cleaning parts, the RS2 revolutionizes everything by combining carpet detection with automatic mop technologies.


Multiple tasks in a single mission

Remotely set the RS2 on a cleaning mission – without even being at home – to manually switch mop heads for wet messes, or move it around areas to avoid carpets. Choose among four types of cleaning missions and the RS2 will do the job for you, effortlessly.

  • Sweeps
  • Deep Mops
  • Vacuums Carpet

Ideal for thorough, whole-house cleaning

  • Mode 1 – Vacuum First + Mop Next
  • Deep, thorough cleaning circle

Flexibly cleans specific areas or messes

  • Mode 2 – Vacuum While Mopping
  • For stubborn, sticky dirt
  • Mode 3 – Vacuum Only
  • For dry debris & pet dander
  • Mode 4 – Mop Only
  • For wet messes

Moves around like a pro

  • Dual Spinning Mop Pads
  • Powerful Suction
  • Dual Edge-cleaning Side Brushes
  • Safe with Soft, Durable TPE Plastic
  • Voice Prompts for Device Tasks/Status

Happily hands-free with the all-in-one dock

It charges, cleans, and prepares the RS2 for the next cleaning mission.

Navigate your home easily with obstacle avoidance

The RS2 identifies, detects and avoids common home items scattered across your floor, so it does not drag messes, suck in your socks, or get itself stuck.

Fast mapping & route planning, with customisable missions

D-ToF Laser technology and RGB camera work together to create a map of your home. You can then fine-tune the map and set up specific cleaning missions for each area. Even in large homes, the RS2 can auto-generate cleaning plans for different floors.

Made for all homes, large or small

Large water tanks for in-depth cleaning

  • On-board 150 ml clean water tank
  • Large, 5.5 L clean water tank & 5 L dirty water tank on the dock

Long runtime to cover every corner

  • Built-in 5,200 mAh battery
  • Full charge in 3 hours (50W fast charging)

Elegantly fits your smart home style

The RS2 and the dock operate as a perfect pair to stay nicely organised in any space.

Cleverly listens to your command, even remotely

The EZVIZ App allows you to pre-set cleaning schedules or immediately start a task, even when you’re not home. You can also pin down any area in the map and check on things through the live view…

…or, enjoy hands-free control with third-party voice assistants, and start your RS2 by simply saying “Hey Google” or “Alexa.”

Additional Convenience & Care

As a multi-purpose smart device, the RS2 is equipped with a powerful 3K camera to provide extra peace of mind to your family. You get full control over the detection and recording features, so the RS2 only protects wherever and whenever you need it.

  • RS2 backgroundHuman Shape Detection
  • RS2 backgroundPet Shape Detection
  • RS2 backgroundHome Area Patrolling (Needs to be manually initiated)
  • RS2 backgroundLive Viewing
  • RS2 backgroundRecorded Video History
  • RS2 backgroundAES-128 Data Encryption

What’s in the box

  • Robot Vacuum & Mop
  • Docking Station
  • Mop Assembly (Mop cloth included)
  • Mop Cloth
  • Side Brush
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Camera Sticker
  • Power Cord
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Regulatory Information

Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes

Weight21.5 KG
Dimensions (L x W x H)540 × 560 × 582 mm

Misc Product Attributes

Model CS-RS2-TWT2
Navigation & Mapping D-ToF LiDAR
Obstacle Avoidance 3D Laser + Local AI RGB Camera Obstacle Detection / Avoidance
Cleaning Features
Cleaning Type Room, Full, Area
Cleaning Mode Vacuum Only/Mop Only/ Vacuum before Mop/Vacuum while Mop
Cleaning Frequenc 1, 2
Maximum Suction Power (Pa) 4000
Suction Level Adjustment Quiet/Original/Powerful/Super Power
Main Brush Pressure Boost Supports
Ultrasonic Carpet Detection Supports
Water Level Adjustment Low/Medium/Max
Cleaning Pressure (N) 10
Mop Dimension (cm²) 113
Mopping Area (m²) 300
Battery Capacity (mAh) Li-ion 5200
Charging Time (h) 3
Working Time (min) Silent Mode(Sweep):220

Standard Mode(Sweep):170

Silent Mode(Sweep & Mop):200

Standard Mode(Sweep & Mop):135

Robot Rated Power (W) 65
Robot Working Voltage (V) 14.4
Dust Box Capacity (L) 0.4
Water Tank Capacity (L) 0.15
Dust Box Detection Supports
Tangle Detection Supports
Anti-Tangle Technology Supports
Noise Level (dB (A)) ≤64 on Standard Mode (Sweep)
Robot Accessories
Dust Box Filter Sponge + E10 Level High Efficiency Filter
Washable Filter Supports
Main Brush Type Floating Main Brush
Main Brush Material Rubber + Bristle
Side Brush Left + Right
Mop Pad 2 Mop Clothes
Accessories Service Life
Maintenance Frequency Side Brush: Every 2 weeks

Main Brush, Sponge Filter, High Efficiency

Filter: Every week

Replacement Frequency Mop Cloths: 2-3 months

Side Brush, Sponge Filter, High Efficiency Filter: 3-6 months

Main Brush: 6-12 months

Station Rated Power (W) 65
Rated Working Voltage (V) AC: 100-240V~50/60Hz
Rated Output 20 V == 3 A
Clean Water Tank Capacity (L) 5.5
Dirty Water Tank Capacity (L) 5
Auto Mop Cleaning Supports
Auto Mop Install & Detach Supports
Auto-Water Refill Supports
Low Water Level Alert Supports
Air Drying Supports
Interaction Screen / Touch
Smart Features
Wi-Fi / Smartphone App Supports
Wi-Fi Frequency Band 2.4 GHz
Voice Control Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa
Camera Max. Resolution 2880 × 1620
Smart Detection Obstacle Recognition, Room Recognition & Mapping, Carpet Recognition, Human Shape Detection, Pet Shape Detection
Supported Languages Currently supports English (By default), French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, & Chinese. Will support more in the future
Product Dimensions Robot: 365 × 365 × 103 mm (14.37 × 14.37 × 4.06 inch)

Station: 452 × 472 × 508 mm (17.80 × 18.58 × 20 inch)

Packaging Dimensions 540 × 560 × 582 mm (21.26 × 22.05 × 22.91 inch)
Net Weight Robot: 4.6 kg (162.26 oz) Station: 10 kg (352.74 oz)
Weight (With Package) 21.5 kg (758.39 oz)
In the box
In the box – RS2 Robot Vacuum & Mop
– Docking Station
– Mop Assembly (Mop cloth included)
– Mop Cloth
– Side Brush
– Cleaning Brush
– Camera Sticker
– Power Cord
– Quick Start Guide
– Regulatory Information
Certifications CE-EMC / CE-LVD / CE-RED / ErP / CE-RoHS / REACH / SVHC / WEEE / UKCA / CB