Fibaro Home Center 2 FGHC2

The Fibaro Home Centre is an ecosystem for your home automation devices, complex yet easy to install and manage.

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Fibaro Home Center 2 FGHC2 is compatible with the following systems:
Z-Wave Compatible


Any Questions?

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The FIBARO Home Center 2 is an easy to install management solution for Z-Wave smart devices, that requires no changes to your current electrical installations. The management system allows users to add devices to your network mesh, create preferences and set automated scenarios.

Further, it allows the user to create rooms and floors, to emulate the real life setup of your smart device locations and setup group scenarios using specific devices. Devices and scenarios can be triggered by:

  • trigger devices such as The Button, KeyFob and Swipe
  • the mobile application or Messenger
  • voice assistants Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & Siri*

* There are currently two versions of the Fibaro Home Center application for the iPhone:

FIBARO for iPhone

FIBARO Home Center
Siri Shortcuts supported


  • Supports up to 230 Z-Wave devices
  • Unlimited System Development
  • Energy monitoring
  • Complex scene management
  • Encrypted connections
  • Auto Backups

All hail the host with the most!

Sleek, simple and speedy, the casing of the FIBARO Home Center 2 hides some powerful secrets:

  • Processor: Intel Atom Dual Core (1.6 GHz)
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • HDD: 2GB SLC Hard Drive
  • Network Interface: 10/100/1000 Base-T (Gigabit) Ethernet through RJ45 Slot


  • Compatible with the Fibaro Z-Wave range of products
  • Compatible with the Z-Wave market of products

Manuals and Guides

Frequently Asked Questions


I can only connect to the app locally. How can I fix this?


There a few available solutions:

  1. Ensure your FIBARO Home centre is connected to your FIBARO ID account
  2. Login to the FIBARO ID account, visit “remote access” and ensure your gateway is on the list.
  3. If it is not on the list then add your gateway to remote access.
  4. If the message “This Home Center is already added to another FIBARO ID account” appears then go to the “I cannot add my home center to remote access”


I cannot add my Home Center to Remote Access.


Ensure your Home Center is not connected to another FIBARO ID  account. If it is then delete it from FIBARO ID account if you can. If you cannot then contact the FIBARO support team for more help.


After logging into the system, I cannot see the update button


You may have to login to your system in local access, as certain functionalities cannot be accessed via remote access.


I get a 'no internet connection' displayed in the mobile app


There a few possibilities:

  1. The FIBARO Home Center is offline. Try to reconnect the home center.
  2. There are some issues with the DNS system. You need to compete the DNS data in the home center interface and to restart the gateway.
  3. The remote access could be disabled. You need to turn on the remote access – sign up to the FIBARO ID account and add your Home Center to remote access



Remote Access service is not available in FIBARO ID interface.


It could be that the 22nd port is blocked on the router, try to complete the DNS data in the Home center interface and then restart the gateway.


Is the recovery USB flash drive required?


No – Home Center can work without it.


Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes

Weight525 grams
Dimensions (L x W x H)185 × 225 × 44 mm