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Hub Based Smart Home Systems

Home automation systems with a central hub or controller.

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Aqara Roller Shade Driver E1 and FREE HUB E1 Offer

Aqara Roller Shade Driver E1 + FREE HUB E1

£57.97£134.99 inc VAT

The Aqara Roller Shade Driver E1 is a retrofit roller shade controller that does not require a complicated installation and can work with your existing Roller Shade by operating the beaded cord. It does not require dedicated wiring and can run both wirelessly from the built-in battery or being plugged into a power supply via the provided USB Type-C cable.

This limited-time special offer includes the Aqara HUB E1 absolutely FREE! For more information about the HUB E1, click here.

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Samsung F-HUB-UK-V2 AOne Smarthings Hub

Samsung SmartThings Hub V2

£49.99 inc VAT

Combine all of your home tech together in one place with the power of the Samsung SmartThings Hub. Effortlessly control, set scenes and run automations for hundreds of brands and thousands of devices.

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Fibaro Home Center 3 FGHC3

Fibaro Home Center 3

£396.00 inc VAT

FIBARO Home Center 3. World’s most advanced and easy to install home management solution for wireless Z-Wave Smart Devices. Fibaro model FGHC3.

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Somfy TaHoma® Switch Smart Home Hub

Control multiple devices at once with the small and discreet TaHoma Switch Smart Home Hub. It works via Wi-Fi and offers brilliant functionality through a touch of a button, to app control, all the way to voice control.

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Hive Light Cool to Warm White smart E14 LED bulb

Hive Active Light™ Cool to Warm White E14

£29.00 inc VAT

The Hive UK7003212 smart candle light bulbs that you can control from anywhere.

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Hive Active Light™ Dimmable E14

Hive Active Light™ Dimmable E14

£19.00 inc VAT

The Hive UK7003199 is a dimmable smart candlelight bulb that you can control from anywhere.

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Fibaro Dimmer 2

Fibaro Dimmer 2 (Z-Wave)

£50.89 inc VAT

Remote controlled dimming module that works with a variety of light sources. Dim or toggle via Z-Wave or by hand.

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Fibaro Home Center Lite FGHCL

FIBARO Home Center Lite FGHCL

£102.00 inc VAT

The Fibaro Home Centre is an ecosystem for your home automation devices, complex yet easy to install and manage.

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Fibaro rgbw controller Z-Wave

Fibaro RGBW Controller (Z-Wave)

£47.52 inc VAT

Fibaro RGBW controller, sophisticated wireless LED 4-colour light controller for millions of lighting / colour possibilities.

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Fibaro roller shutter 2 Z-Wave

Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 (Z-Wave)

£47.52 inc VAT

Z-Wave remote controller for awnings, blinds, venetian blinds, gates, etc. Precise positioning and power monitoring.

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Fibaro single switch Z-Wave

Fibaro Single / Double Switch 2 (Z-Wave)

£50.89 inc VAT

Remote Z-Wave switch for standard wall fixings to toggle a connected device. Durable, small, energy metering.

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Hive Active Light – Colour Changing Smart Bulb Screw

£44.00 inc VAT

The Hive HALIGHTRGBWE27 is a colour changing smart light bulb you can control from anywhere.

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