Guardsman Garage Security Barrier (Grey, Black or Custom Colour)

The Guardsman is a revolutionary barrier and anchor system which provides criminals the greatest deterrence.. The Safety Barrier is not just an impactful visual deterrent, it is specially designed to resist any type of attack. From the extremely powerful ground fixings to the anti-attack lock and housing, we tried everything we could think of to break this beast and couldn’t put a dent in it.

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Please Note

Guardsman security barriers are made to order and are not a stock item. Upon purchasing the product through our website, our team will request a couple of photos of your garage/shed opening along with some measurements.

We will then manufacture the item to your exact size, the estimated turnaround time on these units is approximately 3-5 weeks. We are looking at stocking standard sizes in the near future.

Accessories however are stock items, and are dispatched as per our standard delivery options.

If you need any further information, feel free to contact us.

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Made in Britain
10 year warranty
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Peace of mind assured, protect your garage with our Sold Secure tested and approved telescopic security barrier.


Safe and smart, the Guardsman maximises floor space and minimises trip hazards.

& Easy

No fuss or hassle, the security arm couldn’t be quicker or easier to operate.

The Guardsman is a revolutionary barrier and anchor system that acts as the most effective criminal deterrent. The Safety Barrier is more than just a visually appealing barrier; it is also specifically designed to withstand any type of attack. We tried everything to break this beast, from the very robust ground fixings to the anti-attack lock and housing, but nothing worked.

Rather than just stopping criminals from sliding bikes under or lifting over, we've attached anchor hooks to the poles so that bikes and other expensive equipment may be secured to them.

Why should you buy the Guardsman Garage Security Barrier

  • This device has been independently tested and verified by Sold Secure, an independent security testing institution.
  • Insurance is accepted - BeMoto insurance discount
  • guarantee for 10 years.
  • Each item is designed and made in the United Kingdom and is built to order for you.
  • The ultimate garage security system for total peace of mind
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For that extra layer of security why not add a chain anchor point to one or both of your Guardsman posts. This allows you to secure your bike wheel or any other object, using a chain and padlock, to the anchor.

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Add that ultimate layer of security with the Guardsman alarm system. If your Guardsman is tampered with the alarm system will activate. The 130dB siren will shriek first whilst the hub secretly calls up to 3 key holders.

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Guardsman barriers are tough and versatile. Double garage? No problem. We can either fit 2 Guardsmen, 1 across each garage door or if you have a single double door, we can customise the Guardsman to fit your needs.

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Protect your bike, car, mower, boat or otherwise. From insanely strong ground fixings through to the anti-attack lock and housing, we have taken everything we could think of and had a proper go at breaking this beast.

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How does it work?

The arm and locking post are located behind the garage door frame and pier, facing each other. The Guardsman is a sleek, unobtrusive piece of garage equipment that eliminates trip hazards while increasing garage floor space. The telescopic arm slips and locks into place in seconds, creating a physical barrier between the outside world and your personal items, and giving you total peace of mind when you're out and about.

Sold Secure is the industry's premier security testing and certification institution. Sold Secure is dedicated to reducing criminal risk via the review of security goods. Northumbria and Essex Police was founded in 1992 with the help and cooperation of the Home Office.

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left side of guardsman garage door barrier
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What's Included?

  • 1 x Arm Post
  • 1 x Locking Post
  • 1 x Wall Mount
  • 1 x Lock and Key
  • 2 x Base plate covers
  • Fixings
  • Installation Instructions

Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes

Weight15.0 KG