ZOVII Smart Alarmed D-Lock

The ZOVII ZNU14-230i is the UK’s first D-Lock with Smart Connectivity and a 120dB Anti-Theft Alarm

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The ZOVII ZNU14-230i is the UK’s first D-Lock with Smart Connectivity and a 120dB Anti-Theft Alarm

This smart D-lock combines physical, high-strength security, an ear-piercingly loud anti-theft alarm, and smart connection to provide the ultimate security solution, giving you complete peace of mind

You may rest easy at night knowing that the ZOVII Smart Series has you covered


  • Smart Connectivity
    • The ZNU14-230i links to your smartphone through the ZIG platform and your home WiFi connection, sending you quick, direct notifications when someone tampers with your lock
    • The app also allows you to monitor the lock state (locked/unlocked), alarm triggers and timings, a user management platform where you can add additional users to your lock, and the remaining battery
  • Security
    • Bolt cutter and leverage resistance are provided by the 14mm carbide strengthened hardened steel U-bar. PVC has been applied on the U bar to prevent scratches during usage. The padlock can be easily locked thanks to the easy push locking feature. All components of the lock are constructed of anti-rust materials, and all internal electronics are completely waterproofed (IP67)
  • Anti-Theft Alarm
    • The ZNU14-230i features a built-in anti-theft security system that emits a loud 120dB scream when disturbed or interfered with. This may be heard from up to 500 metres away. Nothing will discourage the offender if this does not work
  • 3 keys + 1 replacement coded tag
  • Lithium CR2 battery (typical life span 8 months)

Package Contents

  • Smart D-Lock
  • USB ZIG Smart Connectivity

Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes

Weight1.22 KG

150 x 120 x 230 mm


Protection Rating (IP)67