Nanoleaf DMX Adapter

Your DMX universe is about to get crazy. With the Nanoleaf DMX Adapter, you can individually address red, green, blue, and white on each panel to take your light and sound design to the next level. You might hang out behind the curtains, but we know that you’re the real maestro.

Unfortunately, this product has either been discontinued by the manufacturer, or we no longer stock it.

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Your DMX universe is about to get a whole lot more interesting. Introducing the Nanoleaf DMX Adapter, purpose-built with the needs of commercial and event lighting professionals in mind.

Connect your Nanoleaf Light Panels to the DMX Adapter, and the Adapter to a DMX512-compatible control board to add this immersive lighting experience to your universe.

  • Enables a DMX512 console to control the Nanoleaf Light Panels (“panels”).
  • Each Nanoleaf DMX Adapter (“adapter”) supports up to 30 panels.
  • Daisychain multiple adapters to control up to 128 panels on one DMX universe.
  • Each panel consumes 4 channels (red / green / blue / white).
  • Program a base channel for all panels (channel offset).
  • Program panel channels individually (with respect to the base channel).
  • Auto-discovery of panels and panel layout on adapter boot-up.
  • AC power input with universal voltage (automatic switching).
  • Fully configurable channel IDs.
  • Durable, brushed aluminum construction.

Please note that this is a professional lighting product, and is not intended for use in the home.

What’s in the box

  • 1 x Nanoleaf DMX Adapter
  • 1 x Power Cord
  • 1x Light Panels connector


  • Red, Green, Blue, and White are individually addressed as DMX channels
  • Panels are autodiscovered on bootup (Nanoleaf App not required)
  • DMX512-compatible control board not included, and required for proper operation
  • Panel Support: Maximum of 30 panels per Nanoleaf DMX Adapter. Daisy chained adapters can support up to 128 panels in one DMX universe (512 channels).
  • Daisy chaining: Up to 50 Nanoleaf DMX Adapters or other DMX devices per DMX universe.
  • Supported protocol: DMX512
  • DMX channels: Each panel consumes 4 channels (red, green, blue, white). Channel IDs are fully configurable.
  • Connectors: Nanoleaf DMX Adapter lines use a 3-pin XLR3 connector, one male and one female that are internally connected in parallel. Connectors are suitable for daisy-chaining multiple adapters.
  • Isolation: DMX control lines have electrical isolation to 2000V
  • Output signal: Nanoleaf proprietary control signal to the Light Panels
  • Display: OLED dot matrix display; cyan colour; visible in the dark
  • User input: Capacitive touch navigation buttons used for configuration of the adapter.
  • Firmware upgradable: Via short range Bluetooth wireless communication (requires a Mac OSX device).

    Includes UK Type G power plug

    For use with Nanoleaf Light Panels only

How it Works

Nanoleaf DMX Adapter - How it Works

The buttons on the front face of the Nanoleaf DMX Adapter are used for assigning DMX channels for each Nanoleaf Light Panel.

Each panel has four possible channel assignments: red, green, blue and white. By default, the first panel is set to DMX Channels 1 through 4.


Nanoleaf Light Panels


Nanoleaf DMX Adapter Installation Manual and Specifications

Manuals and Guides

Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes

Weight1.2 KG
Dimensions (L x W x H)345 × 125 × 55 mm

Electronics Attributes

Frequency Range50/60Hz
Output Power5W (Nanoleaf DMX Adapter), 65W (Nanoleaf DMX Adapter + 30 Light Panels)
Output Voltage100VAC – 240VAC
Output Current50mA (Nanoleaf DMX Adapter), 750mA (Nanoleaf DMX Adapter + 30 Light Panels)