Nanoleaf Essentials Smart A19 Bulb 9W B22 / E27

The richest, most vibrant colours & the brightest whites with simple personalised control. Nanoleaf introduction to smart lighting.

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Nanoleaf Essentials Smart A19 Bulb 9W B22 / E27 is compatible with the following systems:
Works with Apple HomekitWorks with the Google Assistant

For more information, visit the Nanoleaf Compatibility Page.


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    Nanoleaf Smart Lighting
    Nanoleaf Essentials Video

    A seamless introduction to Smart Lighting for a more connected world. Experience the richest, most vibrant colours and the brightest whites with simple personalised control. With Thread’s improved reliabilty, you’ll never be left in the dark. Stepping up from Bluetooth to this upgraded technology means no more dropped connections. With one compatible border router (for example, Apple HomePod mini) for all your Thread-enabled products, you’ll no longer be burdened with multiple hubs.


    • 16M+ Colours
      • Virtually limitless color options. Choose your favourite colour or create colour scenes to fill your room.
    • Circadian Lighting
      • Enjoy increased productivity and comfort with lights that change color temperatures to complement your body’s natural clock.
    • Thread-Enabled
      • Low latency with improved connection reliability and range.
    • Customised Schedules
      • Wake up naturally to a sunrise or set other automations in the Nanoleaf App, HomeKit or Google Home
    • Vivid Whites
      • The brightest white lighting with extended temperature range from the coolest to warmest whites.

    Product Specifications

    Physical Attributes


    Width: 2.4″ / 6cm

    Length: 4.4″ / 11cm