Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat – Starter Kit V3+ V

The Smart Thermostat replaces conventional room thermostats and lets you control your heating system remotely with the tado° app. Also available with hot water control.

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Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat – Starter Kit V3+ V is compatible with the following systems:
Works with Apple HomekitWorks with Siri ShortcutsWorks with the Google Assistant


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    Internet Connection

    The Starter Kit includes the tado° Internet Bridge, which is connected to your router. It connects your Smart Thermostat to the internet via a radio network.


    tado° measures temperature and humidity. The temperature sensor accuracy is 0.01°C.

    Radio communication

    Frequency: 868 MHz

    Protocol: Mesh (6LoWPAN)

    Range: 20 to 100 m (depending on your building structure)


    Smart Thermostat: 104 x 104 x 19 mm;

    Extension Kit: 102 x 150 x 28 mm;

    Internet-Bridge: 81 x 27 x 22 mm;

    Full packaging: 174 × 174 × 70 mm

    Full packaging including Extension Kit: 174 × 174 × 125 mm


    Smart Thermostat: 132 g

    Extension Kit: 487 g

    Internet Bridge: 61 g

    Full packaging: 473 g

    Full packaging including Extension Kit: 918 g

    Power supply

    5-36V DC 0.2A / 4.5V DC (3 AAA batteries, 1.200 mAh).


    The outer shell consists of polycarbonate (PC) and ABS plastic in matte white.

    User interface

    The LED matrix has 10 x 19 mm LEDs and has a size of 32 x 20 mm. Buttons: 2x capacitive touch, 1x mechanical.

    Multi-language support

    The tado° app, instructions and software are available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

    Maximum number of tado° devices per Home

    You can add up to 25 devices to your tado° Home.

    Maximum number of users per Home

    Up to 100 users can be added to your tado° Home.


    Limited warranty: 2 years

    Product Specifications

    Physical and Performance Attributes

    Weight1.01 KG