iotty Wi-Fi Smart Switches


Retrofit any property to become a smart home

Install an iotty Smart Switch and connect to a WiFi connection to make your home instantly Smart. Thanks to the iotty Smart Switch's built-in WiFi, you won't need a Hub or central unit. Remove your old switch, install iotty and connect it to your WiFi through the app.

iotty Smart Switches

Smart Switches

Smart Dimmer Switches

Design simplicity

iotty How Does it Work
iotty Wi-Fi Integrated

Wi-Fi Integrated

iotty Quality

High Quality Tempered Glass

iotty Dimmable Backlight

Dimmable Backlight

iotty Interchangable Faceplate

Interchangeable Faceplate

iotty Touch

Touch Sensitive Panel

iotty Ultra Thin

Ultra Thin

Ready to use smart home solution

iotty is a smart switch with integrated Wi-Fi, entirely designed and engineered in Italy to bring easy smart automation and the latest advanced features into every home. With iotty, no hub or intricate central unit is needed. iotty works harmoniously with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Siri Shortcuts. iotty is simple to install, effortless to manage, and, thanks to the app, accessible from anywhere through your smartphone. Every iotty smart switch can be controlled based on geolocation, weather conditions, sunrise, time of day, and much more.

Backlight LED Halo Glow

Set the intensity of the Backlight Glow to easily find your switches in the dark.

Touch Operation

Feather Touch Panel requires only the slightest of touches to turn on and off.

iotty Touch Control

Voice Enabled

Use Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri Shortcuts to voice control your switches, making it even easier to activate your lights.

iotty Voice Control

Open / Close Capability

Activate your open/close mechanisms, e.g. garage doors, driveway gates etc.

iotty Open / Close

Adapts to the outdoors

iotty can turn your lights on/off at sunrise and sunset, and during specific weather conditions.

iotty Sun

Home is where the smart is

iotty lets any home become the Smart Home every owner wants: easily replace your old switch and activate iotty smart features from the app, choosing actions and automations. In a few simple steps, every light and electronic device can be under your control. The iotty is more than just a light switch, it can control gates, lighting, blinds and many more.

iotty Indoor Lights


iotty Outdoor Lights


iotty Gates


iotty Blinds


iotty Shutters


iotty External Dimmers


iotty External Relays


iotty Garage Door



iotty App

The iotty Smart Home App

A World of Connections
  • Set timings, weather and geolocation options
  • Energy consumption monitoring
  • Activity notifications
  • Create custom rooms with photos
  • Usage statistics
  • Application works without Wi-Fi
  • Control anywhere in the world
  • External hub not required
  • Secure connection