Nanoleaf Lines

Colour Outside the Lines

Nanoleaf Lines are smart backlit LED light bars that deliver stunning RGB illumination in a never-before-seen modular form factor. Connect Lines together into your own personalized geometric layouts, and customize 16M+ colours and light animations to create a design piece truly unique to your space.

Screen Mirror

Sync your Lights to your Screen

Immerse yourself in an all new gaming and movie night experience. Watch the colours from your screen explode onto your Lines while the heads of your enemies do the same.

Nanoloeaf Lines Gaming


This is gaming all grown-up. Put Lines behind the desk for ultra immersive RGB gaming sessions, or on the opposite wall as a next-level streaming background. That way your setup looks fire even when your KDA ratio doesn't.

Nanoloeaf Lines Gaming
Nanoloeaf Lines Livingroom

Living Room

Set the trend and the mood. Sleek geometric form factor and flowing colour animations bring your living room to life. With hangouts this hype, be sure to invest in a pull-out couch because your friends may never want to leave.

Nanoloeaf Lines Livingroom
Nanoloeaf Lines Entertainment


Watch in style. Mirror the colours from your screen, or set a soft background ambience perfect for everything from cinematic masterpieces, to your daily bingeing.

Nanoloeaf Lines Entertainment
Nanoloeaf Lines Bedroom


Set the scene for rest and relaxation, or something a little more exciting with customizable colour palettes certain to suit any laundry folding.

Nanoloeaf Lines Bedroom

Rhythm Music Visualiser

See Your Lights Dance to Your Music

This party is BYOB (Bring Your Own Beat). Turn your favourite songs into a show of colour and light with the built-in Rhythm Music Visualizer, and feel every beat like never before.

Product Features


Modular Backlit Illumination

Design your own unique layouts, then sit back and enjoy the stunning futuristic ambient glow.


Layout Detect™

Patented technology automatically registers your layout for a smooth multi-directional flow of colours.


Dynamic Lighting Effects

Choose from 19 built-in Scenes, or create your own unlimited RGBW animations with 2 vibrant colour zones per line.


Voice Control

Hands-free control through your smart home voice assistants. Activating different Scenes and features couldn't be easier.


16M+ Colours

Get all the colours you could ever dream of, create all the cool Scenes you could ever think of. Go nuts!

Simple 3-Step Setup

Step 1: Design your unique Lines layout
Step 2: Connect your light lines with Mounting Connectors
Step 3: Mount easily to the wall using the included Mounting Tape


Skins: Switch up the look to match your personal style with these snap on covers (more design options coming soon).

Flex Connectors: Break free from 2D. Bend your design around corners or onto the ceiling (coming soon).


Nanoleaf Mobile App

Customise & Control from Your Phone or Tablet

Create custom Scenes and colour motions

Download free Scenes from the Discover community

Use Schedules to automate your lights

Plan your designs with Layout Assistant and preview on your wall using AR

Nanoleaf Desktop App

Explore & Play from Your PC or Laptop

Easily manage multiple devices

Screen Mirror for immersive gaming

Sync colour Scenes with Razer Chroma devices

Enjoy Offline Control