Nanoleaf Lines Skins

Additional light lines to take your design to the next level. Requires Nanoleaf Lines Smarter Kit.

Unfortunately, this product has either been discontinued by the manufacturer, or we no longer stock it.

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    Nanoleaf Lines Skins is compatible with the following systems:
    Wi-Fi Compatible DeviceWorks with Apple HomekitWorks with AlexaWorks with the Google Assistant

    For more information, visit the Nanoleaf Compatibility Page.


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      Nanoleaf Lines on Ceiling
      Nanoleaf Lines on Wall

      Instantly change the look of your layout to match your personal style with these ultra-lightweight snap-on covers. No tape or further installation is required. Package includes 9 Skins and 9 Mounting Caps. Available in Matte Black or Matte Pink.

      Skins dimensions: 25.93 cm L x 0.21 cm x 0.95 cm.

      What’s in the box



      Mounting Caps

      9 9

      Light Lines

      The Nanoleaf Lightbars allow for greater creative control,

      • Using the lines behind your battle station, for a fully immersive gaming experience
      • Setting up the lines on the wall opposite your gaming setup, for the ultimate streamer setup
      • Bringing your living room to life with creative designs
      • Creating the ultimate hang out spot in your entertainment room
      • Adding ambient lighting to your bedroom

      Manuals and Guides

      Nanoleaf Lines Manual (Coming Soon)

      Nanoleaf Lines Quick Start Guide

      Nanoleaf Lines: Color Outside the Lines

      Unboxing: Nanoleaf Lines

      Troubleshooting: Hard and Soft Resets on Nanoleaf Lines

      How to Mount and Dismount Nanoleaf Lines

      How to Pair Nanoleaf Lines with your Device

      Product Specifications