ENER-J Wireless Kinetic Switch Dimmable 1 Gang (White)

  • 1 Gang, Dimmable / Non-Dimmable Switch
  • No Wiring. No Battery. Easy Installation and Usage
  • Range: 30m Indoor / 160m Outdoor
  • White Finish

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Innovation of Wireless Kinetic Technology – The ENER-J wireless switch has a built-in micro energy generator, so when the switch is pressed,  the kinetic system transforms the movement into energy. This transmits a signal to the receiver to turn the lamp on or off. This solves the issue of having to install switch wiring which has been a problem ever since the invention of the lamp.



  • No Wires – Through a wireless control terminal, such as the light or motor.
  • No Power Supply – Dose not need any power cords, batteries or whatever power source. Energy Saving – Reduce PVC tubing, wiring and cutting walls.
  • Eco-friendly – Reduces battery usage, renovation waste and noise, and CO2 emission.
  • Save Money – Reduce manual labour, decrease construction costs by 30%, Speed up progress by 40%.
  • Simple and Convenient – Free installation; can randomly alter the installation location for the young and old to use.
  • Safety – Waterproof so perfect to use in bathrooms where you don’t need to worry about voltage regulations since these are volt free.
  • Smart – Can pair up connection, control at will, and dock with smart home system.
  • Durable – Wireless kinetic switches does not use batteries, creates no wear and tear, and can be used for 60 years.


No Wiring. No Battery. Easy Installation and Usage – There is no longer a need to install back boxes, make holes or channel out for switch lines in the wall if you use the ENER-J wireless switch. It can be installed/placed anywhere you want: glass, marble, ceramic tile and other smooth, surfaces, etc. The ENER-J switch is safe, surface at wall such as painted wall convenient and extremely simple to install and use.

Collection of Micro Mechanical Energy – Micro energy acquisition (MEA) module constantly generates energy, thus eliminating the need for a battery or mains power supply.

Low Power Hardware and Highly Reliable Communication Protocol – The energy produced by the ENER-J device is very small, so the communicating hardware adheres to strict requirements on low power consumption, wireless transmission and creates a highly stable environment.

The ENER-J switch has a formidable range being effective up to 30m indoors and 160m outdoors. To prevent interference the handshake protocol is integrated with a precise algorithm, a 32-bit address. At every interval communication protocols are sent three times.

Whether you are looking for elegance in design or for a low maintenance sanitary solution – ENER-J Lighting is the answer. Using advanced self powering technology and requiring no batteries – the ENER-J switch module communicates with the relay receiver connected into your light fitting. It switches and functions exactly like a mains wired switch but naturally without the need for power or cables at the switched end. ENER-J switch fits where it is convenient for you without any damage to your home’s décor. It costs less than traditional wired switch arrangements and looks just as good if not better than a wired switch.


Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes

Weight86 grams
Dimensions (L x W x H)86 × 86 × 15 mm