ENER-J – 1/ 2/ 3 Gang Wireless Non Dimmable / Dimmable Kinetic Switch

Wireless 1 Gang Switch (black finish), easy to install and battery-free.

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Installation-Easy, Battery-Free Wall On/Off Switch Outdoor Waterproof IP67 Wireless Kinetic Switch.

  • Self-supply and dimmable: The non-dimmer/dimmer switch requires no batteries and no power connection. The energy is built up kinetically by pressing the switch. A small structure that can be used with non-dimmable as well as dimmable lights. Through long-press to circularly dim the brightness to suit any activity. Turn on the light again, and it maintains the last light intensity. With this ENER-J light switch, you don’t need to pay extra money to buy a dimmer.
  • Multiple lights switches connectable: A receiver (not included) can be connected with up to 10 switches. This allows you to operate a light source with multiple switches. Quite simply as additional switches to existing light switches. Stepless dimming function and storage brightness.
  • Range and Usage: The effective range between transmitter and receiver (not included in the package) is approximately 20 meters indoors and approximately 80 meters outdoors. ENER-J receiver (not included in the package) can connect to multiple ENER-J switches. Ideal to control your garden house, outdoor lighting from the comfort of the house!
  • Never route power cables, ready for use: No slots knocking, no junction box required. Wireless use without drilling and screws. Can be mounted with adhesive tape or simply screwed on. Ready for use within a few minutes. The radio switch allows you to mount in all places. For example, Glue in glass, marble, wood, metal surface or traditional with a screw.
  • Long life and warranty: Ultra-low-power design. Useful life up to 50 years and up to 200,000 keystrokes. Comes with 2 years warranty

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