ENER-J – 24W LED Bulkhead With Microwave Sensor and Emergency

Elevate Your Lighting with ENER-J 24W LED Bulkhead | High Brightness, Glare-Free Design | Energy Efficient & Durable | Modern and Sleek Aesthetics | Easy Installation, Safe for Any Space | Versatile, Waterproof Lighting for Indoors and Outdoors.

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24W LED Bulkhead Ceiling Light with Microwave Sensor IP65 Waterproof 2040 Lumens, Cool White, Flush Mount, Round LED Ceiling Light for Bathroom, Kitchen, Hallway, Outside Porch
  • Indoor Outdoor Movement Sensor Detector Ceiling Light: LED Ceiling Light Round With Microwave Technology For Sensitivity, 4000k Bright Day White, Using Advanced Microwave Technology Not Temperamental Like Some PIR Lights, LED Technology (will save you up to 90% on running costs giving high light levels consuming only 24W power)
  • IP54 Ideal For Indoor Outdoor Use : Bathroom, Lobby, Basement, Shed, Utility Room, Garage, Car Parks Ideal For Security Lighting
  • Easy To Install And Set Up – Inside Lamp Set The Desired Range, Off Time And Light Levels Equipped With Built-In Motion Sensor
  • Regulator Range 1 meter to 10 meters – Controller Timeout 10 seconds to 10 Minutes – Regulator Light Level Turn To Adjust Threshold Depending On The Ambient Light (Inside Lamp) Instructions Included In Box For Easy Set Up To Get Light Working To Your Desired Requirements
  • Perfect For Dark Places Where Light Switch Is Far Away From Light Ideal For Automatic Turn On And Off PIR Motion Detector Microwave Sensor: Night Mode – Detect Movement Only Under Dark Light And Daylight Mode – Detect Movement All The Time Under All Lights

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