EZVIZ PS600 Portable Power Station

Robust power for almost any situation. 9 Ports for Multi-Device Charging (Up to 816W output)1

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This item: EZVIZ PS600 Portable Power Station

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With a generous, 607 Wh power capacity, EZVIZ’s PS600 Portable Power Station provides you with plenty of power in virtually any situation – traveling, enjoying the outdoors, experiencing electrical outages, or working on special projects that require portable energy. It’s designed to charge your essentials via five different ports, including a USB-C fast charging option. The lightweight, travel-friendly PS600 can be carried and stored easily with its space-saving design, and is more than durable enough for everyday use.


  • Long-lasting NCM Lithium Battery for extensive everyday use – maintains 80% battery capacity after 1,000 full cycles. 607WhWh Total Battery Capacity
  • On-board Battery Management System monitors voltage, current, temperature and more to prolong the lifespan of the PS600
  • Smart display shows charging and recharging status, temperature and operational warnings at a glance
  • Built-in LED light for extra convenience
    • Whenever you need a flashlight in emergencies or extra ambient light for the great outdoors, just turn on PS600’s built-in LED light for illumination.
    • 3 Light Modes: Ambient, Bright, Flashlight
  • Compact, Space-Saving Design makes the PS600 one of the most portable power stations on the market
  • Supports Solar Panel Recharging (compatible solar panel sold separately)

Use Cases

  • Great for weekend getaways
  • Power up your backyard activities
  • Backup for home emergencies / blackouts – keeps the following devices powered for approximately:
    • Wi-Fi Router (10W) – 44 Hours
    • Light (10W) – 44 Hours
    • Flashlight (20Wh) – 24 Hours
    • Fan (30W) – 14 Hours
    • PC & Monitor (40W) – 11 Hours
    • 43-inch TV (110W) – 4 Hours

Charging Ports:

  • 1 × USB-C Fast-Charging Port
  • 3 × USB-A Ports
  • 2 × AC Outlets
  • 2 × DC 5521 Outlets
  • 1 × 12v Car Outlet

What’s Included

  • PS600 Power Station
  • AC Charging Cable
  • Car Charging Cable
  • Solar Panel Charging MC4 Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Regulatory Information

1 The maximum total output of the PS600 is 816W. If the output of the appliance’s actual use surpasses that value, the Error Indicator on the smart screen will be displayed.

Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes

Weight6.5 KG
Operating Temperature0°C to 40°C (Charging) / -10°C to 40°C (Discharging)

Electronics Attributes

Battery Life (Estimated)1000 Cycles to 80%+ capacity
Output PowerMax output - 600W (Does not support large appliances such as microwave, hair dryer and hot plate)

Misc Product Attributes

Full Recharge Time

  • AC charging cable: 8~9 hours
  • Car port (12/24V): 5~6 hours
  • Solar Panel (200W): 4~6 Hours