Hive Signal Booster

The Hive UK7001225 helps you extend your signal. Keep your Hive devices connecting and communicating so your home keeps working seamlessly around you.

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EAN / Barcode: 5054347001225


Hive Signal Booster is compatible with the following systems:
Zigbee CompatibleWi-Fi Compatible DeviceHive Hub Compatible


Any Questions?

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The Hive Signal Booster makes sure you can connect your Hive devices to your Hub wherever they are. Ideal if you’ve got a big house or Hive devices in your basement and loft.

Connectivity: ZigBee HA 1.2

Power: Any socket with the Type G plug (UK/IRE)

What’s in the box?

  • Hive Signal Booster
  • User guide

System Requirements

  • Internet connection recommended: 1.5Mbps or higher
  • iOS or Android device running an up-to-date operating system

The Hive Signal Booster works with all Hive products, apart from Hive view, Hive View Outdoor and Hive Leak Sensor as these are wifi-enabled devices.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I set up my Hive Signal Booster?


To set up your signal booster:

  1. Choose a location: it should be plugged into a socket that can be left switched on and you must find a spot half way between your Hive hub and the product you need the signal to reach
  2. Plug the signal booster in and switch the power socket on, the light on the front twill begin to flash amber
  3. Visit the Hive app, open the menu and select ‘install devices’ and then ‘add another device’
  4. Follow the in-app instructions



What does my Hive Signal Booster do?


Your Signal Booster will help your other Hive Active Heating™ devices talk to each other and extend the wireless range of your system. Connectivity issues can occur in very large houses, houses with very thick walls and in areas where other devices are causing wireless interference. In some cases moving your hub or device may solve a connectivity issue, and adding a Signal Booster can also help.


Where should I put my Hive Signal Booster?


We recommend to plug your signal booster in roughly mid-way between you Hive Hub and the device or devices that are experiencing issues with signal range. This needs to be plugged into either a mains power socket or an extension lead that is left on.


How do I reset my Hive Signal Booster?


If you’re trying to pair your Hive Signal Booster and you don’t see a light on the front flashing amber you may need to reset it. Press and hold the button for 10 seconds to reset the Hive signal booster. When you see the double flashing of an amber light you have successfully reset your Hive signal booster. No try installing your Hive Signal Booster in your Hive app or online dashboard again.


Can I move my Hive Signal Booster?


We don’t recommend moving your Signal Booster as it could disrupt communication between your Hive devices. Remember to leave the power to your Signal Booster switched on at the power socket, it won’t work otherwise!

Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes

Weight900 grams

Width: 52.5mm

Height: 52.5mm

Depth: 57mm with pins, 34.3mm without pins

Weight: 58g

Electronics Attributes