ENER-J Dimmable RF Receiver (No WiFi) (Max load 1.5A)

  • Max Load 1.5 A
  • RF (No Wi-Fi) Receiver
  • Advanced RF technology for a reliable connection
  • Can stand 380V AC electric current for 24 hours, over voltage (<600V) without causing any damage

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The ENER-J wireless controller with a high-efficiency switching power supply has a wide voltage range with excellent stability
and durability. The controller has a load capacity of 5A or 10A depending on the model. The ENER-J wireless controller is equipped
with an in-rush current suppression function thus creating a safe and durable product.



•Max control load – see controller specifications.
•Advanced RF technology, multiple algorithm ensures telecommunication stability.
•For each press and radio transmission, the channel is occupied by the wireless signal for only 1 millisecond, and each transmission is done with 3 septal frames; the control is stable and reliable.
•32 bit device ID, 4 billion keys, chance of miss control is extremely low.


In order to prevent accidental short-circuit the controller is designed with a replaceable fuse. Even if a short-circuit occurs the fuse
will immediately protect the controller from damage.

Can stand 380V AC electric current for 24 hours, over voltage (<600V) will not damage it.


Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes

Weight250 grams