Philips Hue Bluetooth – White Bulb Twin Pack (B22 / E14 / E27 / GU10)

  • Soft white light
  • Instant control via Bluetooth
  • Control with app or voice – Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant
  • Add Hue Bridge to unlock more
The Philips Hue Bluetooth – White Bulb Twin Pack is available in B22 / E14 / E27 / GU10.

£25.00 inc VAT

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Philips Hue Bluetooth – White Bulb Twin Pack (B22 / E14 / E27 / GU10) is compatible with the following systems:
Zigbee CompatibleWorks with AlexaWorks with the Google Assistant


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Get comfortable, soft white light in your home with two fully dimmable smart light bulbs. Control instantly via Bluetooth in one room or connect to a Hue Bridge to unlock the full suite of smart lighting features.

Whats In the Box?

  • 2 Hue Bulbs (B22 / E14 / E27 / GU10)

Main Features:

  • Using the Hue Bluetooth app, you can control your Hue smart lights in a single room of your home.  You can add up to 10 smart lights and control them all with just the touch of a button on your mobile device.
  • Philips Hue works with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant when paired with a compatible Google Nest or Amazon Echo device. Simple voice commands allow you to control multiple lights in a room.
  • Hue bulbs and light fixtures use a soft white light. Dimmable from bright daylight to low nightlights, these smart lights allow you to fill your home with just the right level of warm light when you need it.
  • Add a Hue Bridge (sold separately) to your smart lights to experience the full suite of Philips Hue features. With a Hue Bridge, you can add up to 50 smart lights to control throughout your home.


Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes

Weight270 grams

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929001821702 | 929001821605 | 929001953502 | 929002039902