Tado Smart Thermostat

The Smart Thermostat is the central element in your living space. Here you can see the current temperature and set or alter the set point temperature.

It does not matter which type of heating you have or from which manufacturer, the tado° Smart Thermostat works with almost all systems: combi, system and heat-only boilers, conventional and condensing boilers, zoned systems, hydronic and electric underfloor systems and heat pumps.

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Tado Smart Thermostat is compatible with the following systems:
Works with Apple HomekitWorks with Siri ShortcutsWorks with AlexaWorks with the Google Assistant


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The tado° Smart Thermostat connects to your smartphone and uses its location to automatically reduce the temperature when you leave home. tado° will also raise the temperature before you arrive home, so you always walk into a warm home without needing to leave the heating on all day, saving valuable energy and heating costs.

The Smart Thermostat displays the current temperature, as well as allowing you to set or alter the target temperature. As such, it acts as the main control for the heating in your home.


Compatible with 95% of all heating systems, tado° works with gas and oil boilers, heat pumps and electrical systems amongst others. Radiators and underfloor heating are also supported.


  • Internet connection: wirelessly connects to the cloud via your router
  • Auto-updates: automatically updates, providing the latest features and software
  • Temperature sensor: accurate readings at all times from a temperature sensor
  • Security: All communication between the devices is secure

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