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8 Things to Consider When Setting Up your Smart Home

To follow on from our fundamentals of a smart home blog series, we have the perfect guide to your next step to creating your dream home, with 8 things to consider when purchasing smart home automation. If you missed out previous blog on the benefits of a smart home and more visit Why have a smart home?

Upon beginning your smart home adventure, it is really important to consider a number of things to help you make the right decision for you. The smart home industry is growing with fantastic high quality products that contribute to the perfect smart home.

1. Are you looking to upgrade your home to give yourself that luxurious lifestyle that you deserve? – Smart home automation enables you to live the perfect lifestyle with access to easy security set up for your home, the perfect smart lighting solutions, high quality smart speakers and TV’s with just the click of a button or a voice command.


2. What is your daily routine? – What do you do in a day? When you wake up in the morning, do you turn on the radio? Do you turn the news on? Would you like to to turn the heating on before you get home from work? With a simple touch of a button, you can control any and all of your electronic systems to better suit you and your lifestyle.


3.  Work out what tech level you are at – It is important to do a bit of research into the type of products and brands that you are interested in as some products require a more complex proficiency than others. This will then let you know which kind of products you are more interested in whether is is Z-Wave or ZigBee*.


4. Identify how much you would like to spend – It is significantly important to identify how much you would like to spend on your smart home products as many of the products vary in price. This will then allow you to filter your search to suit your budget. Here at the Smart & Secure Centre we have systems for every kind of budget and can offer advice for how to budget and which products offer the best value.


5. Determine what is that you want out of your smart home automation –  What are your specific needs? Is it that you want the convenience of smart lightbulbs or easy access to music and TV streaming? Identify your needs and then you can work out the products that you need to be looking at.


6. Once you have identified what you want it is important to work out what is the main aim or your automation? – Is it lighting, heating, security? Many brands are better at one thing than another and some specialise in types of automation. Some brands can link multiple devices together.


7. Are you interested in security and safety for your home? – Security devices and systems are a large part of smart homes, they are designed to provide easily set-up, convenient and safe security for inside your home and outside. It is important to identify whether you want to add a bit of extra security in your home, as there is wide range of security products to give you that peace of mind that you need, with no hassle. Most of these products can be monitored from your smartphone, making it easier than ever to monitor your home.


8. Research – This is the exciting stage where you get to research all about the different products and brands available! Don’t hesitate to head to our brand and product pages where we have product highlights and information to help you make your decision. Any questions… drop us a question here. Check out these brands below for further information on the best products within each category.


Don’t forget, our showroom is coming very soon displaying products and information, with helpful and friendly staff ready to help you chose the best tech for your home.


Aurora AOne
Lithe Audio
Monitor Audio
Philips Hue

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