Aqara Wireless Mini Switch T1

Control at Your Fingertips, Anywhere You Need. Compact and wireless, it fits seamlessly anywhere. Easily control smart devices with single, double, or long presses. Integration with top ecosystems for versatile smart home automation. Use it as a smart doorbell or emergency button for added convenience and security. Built to last with advanced technology and OTA update support.

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Aqara Wireless Mini Switch T1 is compatible with the following systems:
Zigbee CompatibleMatter CompatibleWorks with Apple HomekitWorks with Siri ShortcutsWorks with AlexaWorks with the Google AssistantWorks With IFTTTWorks With SmartThings

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Aqara Wireless Mini Switch T1

Controls smart accessories and can be activated at the touch of a button

The Aqara Wireless Mini Switch is a remote control switch with a stylish compact design and low energy consumption. You can place or stick it almost anywhere. Single press, double press or long press to control various smart accessories, such as Smart Light and Smart Plug.

Aqara Wireless Mini Switch T1 Features:

  • (NEW) OTA Update Support: Compared to the original Mini Switch, the T1 model has got an OTA update support, which has enhanced their stability and functionality.
  • Designed to Fit Everywhere: No wiring required. The minimal design allows you to place it anywhere or attach it to a surface with a sticker.
  • Multi-Ecosystem Support: After binding it to an Aqara hub, the sensor can be exposed to third-party platforms, such as Apple Home and Matter. Moreover, it can be natively integrated with Samsung SmartThings and Yandex Smart Home.
  • Aqara Home Automation: You can customise different scenes with our suite of smart home products.
  • Works as a Smart Doorbell: Wireless Mini Switch can be used as a doorbell when combined with the Aqara hubs equipped with speakers. You can also customise the ringtone through the Aqara Home app (iOS/Android).
  • Work as an Emergency Button: The Wireless Switch can also act as an emergency button at home. When pressed, Aqara Hub will send out a push notification and sound the alarm.
  • Advanced Technology: The Mini Switch supports up to 50,000 presses*. Adopts V-0 grade flame-retardant PC panel that allows for high-temperature resistance.

Manuals and Guides

Frequently Asked Questions


What actions does this Aqara Wireless Switch support?


It supports single press, double press, and long press. These can signify different automations. It can control other smart devices with different actions.


What is the maximum installation distance between the Aqara Wireless Switch and the Hub?


The indoor environment requirements vary, and maximum signal strength between the Hub and the Aqara Wireless Switch is different, however you should ensure there are no more than 2 walls between the switch and the corresponding hub.


Why does the Aqara Wireless Mini Switch fail to connect? How to reconnect?


There are 3 possible reasons:

  1. Operation error. Try to add the mini switch according to the adding method again.
  2. The device is too far apart from the Hub. Try to move the device closer to the Hub, with as few obstacles as possible.
  3. There are too many devices under the Hub.


What is the Aqara Wireless Mini Switch offline often?


There are 3 possible reasons:

  1. If the device is too far apart from the Hub, Check the distance between the mini switch and the Hub and attempt to install the device closer to the Hub.
  2. Low battery or no battery. You need to replace the battery.
  3. The device is installed on the surface and the signal has been interfered with. Ensure you avoid metal surfaces.


How to identify if the Aqara Wireless Switch works properly?

  1. Use the eject pin to push the reset hole of the wireless mini switch. If the Hub makes voice prompts, “Normal link confirmed”, it signifies that the Hub and the Wireless Switch are communicating properly. Go to ②; If there is no voice prompts, then move the switch closer to the Hub and try again. If there is still no voice prompt, the device might be deleted or run out of battery. Refer to the device adding methods to add the device or replace the battery.
  2. Single press/double press/long press the Wireless Switch several times, enter the Home of Wireless Switch in app, refresh the device records (log). If there is related log, it indicates the device works properly.



How do I reset the Aqara Wireless Switch? Under what circumstances need to reset?

  1. Press and hold the reset hole on the device for 3 seconds. The indicator will flash 3 times before reverting to factory settings.
  2. If a device needs to be paired with another device hub, it will need to be reset before the new pairing will succeed.


Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes

Weight64 grams

Misc Product Attributes

Model: WB-R02D

Battery: CR2032

Wireless Protocol: Zigbee 3.0

Dimensions: 45 × 45 × 12 mm (1.77× 1.77 × 0.47 in.)

Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 50°C (14°F ~ 122°F) 

Operating Humidity: 0 – 95%RH, non-condensing

What’s in the Box: Wireless Mini Switch T1 × 1, Sticker × 1, User Manual × 1

App: Apple Home app (iOS 10.3 or later), Aqara Home app (Android 5.0 or later, iOS 10.3 or later)