Elgato Flex Arm S for Elgato Multi Mount Rigging System

Extend your Elgato Multi-Mount Modular Rigging System with Flex Arm S. Featuring two steel poles and connecting ball joints, Flex Arm S works with Master Mount to provide extra reach and three-dimensional adjustability for cameras, lights and more.

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    Multi Mount System

    Modular Rigging System

    Flex Arm S is an extension for your Multi-Mount Modular Rigging System. Flex Arm S, which has two steel poles and connecting ball joints, combines with Master Mount to give greater reach and three-dimensional flexibility for cameras, lights, and other items.


    • Extra Reach: add ca. 25 cm / 9.85 in to Master Mount.
    • Modular: 1x medium pole, 1x short pole.
    • Articulated: each pole is fitted with a ball head and socket.
    • Durable: steel and hard composite.
    • Premium Finish: high-quality black powder coating.
    • Custom Built: works with the Elgato Multi-Mount Modular Rigging System.

    What’s Included

    • 1x Medium Pole (ca. 17 cm / 6.7 in)
    • 1x Short Pole (ca. 8 cm / 3.15 in)
      • Each pole is fitted with a ball head and socket

    Product Specifications

    Physical and Performance Attributes

    Weight1.25 KG