Control your home’s lighting with just the touch of the button. These plugs allow you to easily install and configure, by letting you turn your lights on or off with the Somfy remote control or via the TaHoma Smart Home App.

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Somfy Indoor Plug RTS is compatible with the following systems:
Works with AlexaWorks with the Google Assistant


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Save energy with the Somfy RTS plug. Make your home life more comfortable with the Somfy Remote-controlled Electric Socket. These easy to install and simple to use wireless switches lets you remotely turn your lights on or off with a single touch.

The remote-controlled electric socket can be operated by adding it on to your TaHoma system, which lets you control your smart lighting with your smartphone, tablet or PC device via the TaHoma App, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Hardware Features

  • Lets you remotely control your home’s lighting
  • Very easy to install
  • Control with your smartphone, tablet or PC device when combined to TaHoma
  • Comes with a comprehensive 2 year warranty


Radio Technology Somfy (RTS)


  • Music systems, Kitchen appliances, Hair straighteners (and other heated appliances), Televisions, Lighting
  • Light Bulbs, Energy Efficient Bulbs, LED, Halogen

More Information


Wireless range: 30 m in open space

Communication: RTS (1-way)

Frequency: 433.050 MHz ‐ 434.790 MHz


Somfy TaHoma Compatible     Connexoon Logo

Somfy TaHoma – home automation options

Somfy Apps – smartphone app control options

Somfy Compatibility – voice control options


Connexoon RTS:

  • Power and connect the Connexoon RTS box
  • Press the prog‐button 2 sec. on the Indoor Plug G‐type RTS ‐Short press on the prog‐button on the Connexoon RTS box

TaHoma box:

  • Power and connect the TaHoma box
  • Go to “Configuration” up in the menu in the right hand corner. ‐Choose RTS and “add”.
  • Select “plug” in the icon selection tab.
  • Choose without remote.
  • Press 2 sec. on the prog‐button on the Indoor Plug G‐type RTS ‐Click on “add”‐button in the interface.
    Follow the steps on the screen.

Somfy Indoor Plug Manual

Manuals and Guides

Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes


H-W-D: 110 x 53 x 77 mm

Protection Rating (IP)20
Operating Temperature0°C to 40°C

Electronics Attributes

Max Power3000W (resistive load)
Power Supply240V, 50 Hz, 13 A