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You can operate your HomeKit accessories from all of your Apple devices using the Home app, which is simple and safe. Turn off the lights, check who's at the door, alter the temperature in your living room, crank up the music, and more. It's much more secure now that HomeKit Secure Video is available, as well as HomeKit-enabled routers. All of your connected gadgets will work harder — and smarter — for you with the help of the Home app.


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Sale! Aqara Energy Saver Pack

Aqara Energy Saver Pack

Listed in
£169.99 inc VAT

Transform your home with the Aqara Energy Saver Pack – a smart solution for energy-efficient living. This kit, featuring Aqara Presence Sensor FP2, Hub M2, Radiator Thermostat E1, and Temperature and Humidity Sensor T1, brings precision and automation to your fingertips. Adjust temperatures, detect occupants accurately, and control appliances remotely through the Aqara app. Save 20-40% on energy costs with intelligent automation. Compatible with Apple Home, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. Elevate your living with Aqara – where smart meets sustainable.

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Sale! Home monitoring and security pack

Aqara Home Monitoring and Security Pack

Listed in
£119.99 inc VAT

Elevate your home security with Aqara’s all-in-one Monitoring and Security Pack. Includes Motion Sensor, Door & Window Sensor, Vibration Sensor, and the advanced Camera Hub G3. Enjoy precise monitoring, AI recognition, and 360° views. Protect your privacy with smart features and seamless integration. Your comprehensive security solution in one smart pack.

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Aqara Dual Relay Module T2

Listed in ,
£34.99 inc VAT

Upgrade Your Home with Aqara Dual Relay Module T2: Smart Control for roller blinds, curtain motors, garage doors, awnings, gates, electric sliding doors, pool covers, and More! Transform your traditional devices into smart ones with Zigbee technology. Apple Home & Matter compatible. Enhance safety, energy monitoring, and wireless control for versatile home automation.

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Aqara LED Strip T1 2M

Aqara LED Strip T1

Listed in , , ,
£49.99 inc VAT

Aqara LED Strip T1 (2 Meter) offers high-quality lighting with bright whites and 16 million colours. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your smart home, it supports popular ecosystems like HomeKit and Alexa, as well as Matter, ensuring effortless compatibility. Experience the mesmerising RGBIC with Gradient Effects, allowing you to create captivating scenes that suit your mood and style. With adjustable length and easy installation, setting up your ideal lighting environment is a breeze.  Take advantage of the Aqara Home App to automate your home and enjoy the benefits of Zigbee 3.0 with repeater functionality, embrace the future of lighting with the Aqara LED Strip T1, and elevate your smart home experience to new heights.

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Aqara Door and Window Sensor P2

Aqara Door and Window Sensor P2

Listed in
£29.99 inc VAT

Aqara Door and Window Sensor P2 is a sensor based on the Thread wireless communication protocol, with built-in high-precision Hall sensor, which can detect the opening and closing status of objects such as doors, windows, drawers, closets, etc. The Aqara Door and Window Sensor P2 can perform multiple intelligent scenarios in conjunction with the Matter-compatible Hubs or other devices based on the automatic condition of detecting the changes in the opening and closing status of doors and windows.

To add the Aqara Door and Window Sensor P2 to a particular Matter-enabled app, you will need a 2in1 Matter hub that has both Matter controller and Thread border router functionalities. See below for more details.

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Aqara Presence Sensor FP2

Listed in
£82.99 inc VAT

Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 is a smart home game changer that uses cutting-edge millimeter-wave radar technology to accurately detect the presence of people, even with slight movements. With its zone positioning and multi-person detection capabilities, it offers significant advantages over traditional PIR infrared motion sensors. It can control other smart home devices through ecosystems such as Apple Home to achieve wider applications, and it features functions such as human fall recognition and a built-in light sensor. Reinvent your space with the Aqara Presence Sensor FP2, the perfect helper for achieving automation of different personalities in your home.

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Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4 - Black (SVD-C03)

Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4 (Black)

Listed in , ,
£119.00 inc VAT

Upgrade your home security with Aqara Smart HomeKit Compatible Video Doorbell G4, featuring local face recognition and compatibility with Apple HomeKit, Google, and Alexa. Enjoy free cloud and local storage, two-way talk, and a 162° wide-angle field of view, all in a battery and wired 2-in-1 design. Plus, with unique features like voice-changing dialogue and customisable ringtones, G4 offers more privacy and convenience than ever before. The only battery HomeKit compatible Smart Doorbell.

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Aqara Roller Shade Driver E1 & Hub E1 Bundle

Listed in
£74.99 inc VAT

Elevate your home automation with the Aqara Roller Shade Driver E1 & Hub E1 Bundle. Effortlessly control your roller shades with easy installation and user-defined settings. Enjoy Zigbee 3.0 technology for stability and compatibility with popular ecosystems and voice assistants. Experience smart home automation with features like automatic sun detection and scheduled operations. The compact Aqara Hub E1 supports up to 128 devices, acts as a Wi-Fi repeater, and embraces the future with Matter support. Upgrade your home to a smarter, more convenient space with Aqara!

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Aqara Smart Radiator Thermostat E1 (Duo) & Hub E1 Starter Bundle

Listed in
£104.98 inc VAT

Elevate your home heating control with the Aqara Duo Smart Radiator Thermostat E1 & Hub E1 Bundle. This smart bundle optimises your heating system’s efficiency and adapts to your preferences. Experience enhanced comfort and control. Explore the Aqara Smart Radiator Thermostat E1 (Duo) Starter Bundle and stay warm the smarter way.

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Aqara Radiator Thermostat E1 Hexa Bundle

Aqara Smart Radiator Thermostat E1 Hexa Bundle

Listed in
£234.98 inc VAT
Enhance your home heating to new heights with the Aqara Radiator Thermostat E1 Hexa Bundle. This all-encompassing package comprises six Aqara Radiator Thermostat E1 units, meticulously crafted for seamless integration with water radiators, space heaters, towel warmers, and more. Attain precise temperature control by utilizing external Aqara sensors, fine-tuning heating power according to real-time readings.
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Lightwave Smart Lighting Starter Kit

Listed in
£199.99 inc VAT

Transform your home lighting with the Lightwave Smart Lighting Starter Kit in Stainless Steel/White. This kit features the Link Plus hub and a Smart Dimmer, providing a seamless entry into smart home control and the Lightwave system. Effortlessly replace standard switches and enjoy remote control through the Lightwave app or voice commands via Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri on Apple HomeKit. Monitor energy consumption, set up custom automations, and experience the convenience of a connected home. With easy installation, compatibility across major platforms, and a sleek design, this starter kit is the smart choice for modern living. Illuminate your space intelligently with Lightwave.

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Lightwave Indoor Christmas Lights Bundle

Lightwave Indoor Christmas Lights Bundle

Listed in
£439.00 inc VAT

Elevate your holiday lighting with the Lightwave Indoor Christmas Lights Bundle in Stainless Steel/White. Effortlessly control decorative lighting with 2 LP52 Wire-Free Scene Selectors and transform standard sockets into smart ones with 4 LP40 Smart Plug-Ins. Enjoy personalized scenes, schedule lights, and monitor energy usage. Make your holidays magical and embrace year-round smart living with Lightwave. Note: Internet connection required for smart functionality.

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All of your home accessories in one app.

Whatever compatible accessories you select, the Home app makes it simple to set up and operate them all from an one location. Over a hundred businesses across the world have committed to making accessories compatible with the HomeKit architecture, and the number is rising every day. Apple has evaluated and approved each of these accessories to help assure your safety when using them.


Just look for this symbol in-store and online.


Air Conditioners


Air Purifiers










Garage Doors








Power Points























Room by Room, your smart home in perfect order.

The Home app organises accessories by room so you can control them with a tap or a click from anywhere in your house. You may even instruct Siri to "turn off the lights in my bedroom" or "start heating the upstairs." More sophisticated activities, such as dimming the lights or altering the temperature, can be performed by pressing an icon. You can now add your AirPlay 2–enabled TV ¹ to the Home app and operate it just like any other accessory — turn it on and off, alter the volume, and switch inputs — just like any other device.

Keep an eye on your home. And keep other eyes out.

Activity observed by supported cameras is privately assessed by your home hub using on-device intelligence to determine if humans, pets, or cars are present with HomeKit Secure Video. When relevant activity is spotted, you and anybody else with whom you share your Home app will receive a rich notification with a link to the clip, which you can see directly from the Lock screen. The Home app allows you to watch recorded video for ten days. It's safely saved in supported iCloud accounts for free, and it doesn't count against your storage limit ².  Aqura, Eufy, and Netatmo, among other leading camera manufacturers, have announced support for HomeKit Secure Video.

HomeKit Secure Video - Store and analyse security camera recordings

With HomeKit Secure Video, you can add your home security cameras in the Home app to record your footage and view it from anywhere. It is all end-to-end encrypted, and none of the video counts towards your iCloud storage. You can access HomeKit Secure Video on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or Apple TV.

The video is privately analysed by your home hub using on-device intelligence to determine if people, pets or cars are present. You can view the last 10 days of activity in the Home app.

Thanks to HomeKit Routers your home is as secure as it is smart.

Smart home gadgets that link to the internet are at risk of being hacked. As a result, HomeKit-enabled routers are now accessible as a basic layer of protection for your smart home. HomeKit routers can isolate each of your accessories, ensuring that even if one is hacked, it cannot access your other gadgets or personal information. You may use the Home app to control which services in your network and on the internet your HomeKit gadgets can talk with.

With a tap or a word, set several things in motion.

With Home, you can create scenes that allow various accessories to function together with a single command. As a result, you can build a "Leaving Home" scene that shuts off the lights, locks the doors, and lowers the temperature. Or a "Film Night" setting that dims the lights, lowers the blinds, and turns on your AirPlay 2–enabled TV.

Good Morning

Greet the day with a custom scene that warms up the house, opens the blinds and switches on the kettle.

Arrive Home

Prep your home for your arrival with a  scene that opens the garage, unlocks your door and turns on the lights.


When you're ready to turn in, a custom scene can turn off the lights, lower the thermostat and secure the doors.

Siri makes your voice the on/off switch.

Siri is aware of the status of any HomeKit-enabled gadgets you have in your house.³ So, from your iPhone or iPad, you can ask Siri to switch an appliance on or off, dim your lights, change the song, establish a scene, or play movies and music on your AirPlay 2–enabled TV. You don't even have to be at home to use Apple TV or HomePod; for example, you may ask Siri to establish the "I'm Home" scenario while driving. Your home will be bright and welcoming when you arrive, ready for you to settle in.

Hey Siri, turn on the lights in the living room

Control your HomeKit accessories.

Hey Siri, set my Bedtime scene

Use multiple HomeKit accessories to create a scene.

Hey Siri, play Countdown in the living room

Control your AirPlay 2–enabled TVs with HomeKit.

Hey Siri, make it a bit warmer in here

Control your HomeKit accessories.

Hey Siri, play some jazz in the kitchen

Control your AirPlay 2–enabled speakers.

Control your home from virtually anywhere.

You can control all of your smart home gadgets from your Apple TV, HomePod, or iPad using the Home app. You can use Siri to close your garage door, check live camera video of the doorway, or even ask Siri to decrease the temperature, just like you would at home with the Home app.

Put your home on autopilot.

Your Apple TV, HomePod, and iPad may also automate specific chores in your house. You may, for example, activate an accessory or scene based on the time of day, your location, sensor detection, and other factors. You just have to set it up once.



Set your lights to turn on as soon as you park outside the house.



Have your home turn up the heat at 6:00 am, before you get out of bed.



Use a motion sensor in the doorway to turn your kitchen lights on when you walk in.



Trigger a scene based on who’s home, like automatically turning the lights off as you leave if nobody else is there.

Getting started couldn't be easier.

It's easy and secure to set up a HomeKit accessory to function with the Home app. Simply tap the item or scan the HomeKit setup code located on the accessory or in the instructions to link it with your iOS or iPadOS device. Existing HomeKit accessories set up with other apps will be recognised by the Home app.

How to add a HomeKit accessory to the Home app.

Control your home with Siri

Create home automations with the Home app

Set up your HomePod, Apple TV or iPad as a home hub

Share control of your home

Privately monitor home activities with HomeKit Secure Video

Secure your home network with HomeKit routers

  1. Samsung smart TVs do not support HomeKit and cannot be added to the Home app.
  2. Requires a 200GB or 2TB iCloud storage plan and a home hub such as Apple TV, HomePod or iPad.
  3. Siri is available on iPhone 4s or later, iPad Pro, iPad (3rd generation or later), iPad Air or later, iPad mini or later, and iPod touch (5th generation or later), and requires internet access. Siri may not be available in all languages or in all areas, and features may vary by area. Mobile data charges may apply.
  4. For iPad to act as a home hub, it must remain in your home, powered and connected to your home Wi‑Fi network.

HomeKit Secure video requires a HomePod, Apple TV or iPad running as a home hub.