eufy 2K Floodlight Camera White

2K, Real-Time Response, No Monthly Fees, Secure Local Storage, 2500-Lumen Bright and Adjustable Floodlights, Ready for Any Weather

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eufy 2K Floodlight Camera White is compatible with the following systems:
Works with AlexaWorks with the Google Assistant


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2K Security Floodlight Camera.

Each and every eufy security device is designed to keep your data secure and confidential. Maintain a secure record of everything that occurs around the home.

Weatherproof IP65
ensures continuous operation at temperatures ranging from -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F).

Your Data is Safe Inside
All recordings are stored directly onto the Floodlight Cameras internal memory. This means that even if someone were to forcibly remove the camera all your data will remain secure.

  • Drop-in Anytime in 2K: Live-stream and record in full 2K HD so you can clearly see who is around.
  • No Additional Fees: Eufy Security products are one-time purchases that combine ease and security, protecting both your home and your cash.
  • Nightvision: Motion-activated floodlights that are 2,500 lumens exceptionally bright discourage intruders and guarantee clear, full-colour recordings even at night.
  • Smart Siren: A stern warning is given to any invaders. To frighten off any unwelcome guests, a loud alarm might be set off.
  • Intelligent Detection and Notifications: By intelligently distinguishing between persons and things, the built-in AI lowers the amount of false warnings you get.

HomeBase 2 Not Required: The eufy Floodlight Camera 2 Pro does not require a HomeBase to operate, it works stand-alone and connects to directly via WiFi, HomeBase is not currently supported.

Floodlight Camera has 4GB local storage built-in for motion-triggered recordings. In the scenario of 30 video clips per day, 1min length per recording, the 4GB eMMC can store about 20 days of video.

What’s Included:

1x Floodlight Camera, Mounting Kit, Screw Packs, Weatherproof Junction Box, Quick Start Guide


Shining a Light on Who’s There.

Adjust the brightness to suit your surroundings. Scare off intruders or light up the way when you get home late.


Stay Connected

Activate or dim the floodlights via voice command on Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.


Bright When You Need It

Preset brightness settings for different scenarios.


Ready for Any Season

IP65 Weatherproof rating - built to withstand freezing cold winters, heavy downpours or dry, hot summers.


Every corner covered.

Wide-angle view ensures you get the whole picture while streaming in full 1080p HD.


No Hidden Costs

You shouldn’t have to pay monthly fees for data storage. Local storage is more secure and doesn’t cost extra!


Instant Alerts

Get notified immediately of activity and interact in real-time. Instant alerts allow you to always have an eye on your home.


Detect. Record. Alert.

Customise detection settings to suit your surroundings. When a relevant event is identified the footage will be recorded and an instant alert will be sent.


Home Automation Simplified

The eufy Security app gives you the power to control your home protection with the eufy Security ecosystem, including products such as HomeBase, eufyCam, Video Doorbell, Entry Sensor, and more. Just access from your phone to review your home security anytime, anywhere.

Privacy Protected - eufy Security is designed with your privacy in mind, offering local storage secured with military-grade encryption.

Convenient Integration - Feel safer with easy access to advanced facial recognition, motion detection, and self-learning. Plus, you can access it hands free via Alexa or the Google Assistant.

Always There - eufy Security's ecosystem is designed to be fast with industry-leading battery life and built with durable materials with a weatherproof rating for outdoor products.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can the floodlight camera record 24x7?


No. The floodlight camera records motion activated events. The floodlight camera has longer detection range and supports a 10-second pre-buffer to ensure complete events are recorded.


How does the 10s pre-buffer work?


The floodlight camera stores a rolling 10s of footage. When it detects an event, it starts recording and adds the previous 10 seconds to the beginning of the video.


Does the floodlight camera support activity zones?


Yes, the floodlight camera supports up to 2 activity zones. Users can set activity zones to exclude unnecessary event alerts or recording unnecessary footage.


Does the floodlight camera connect to eufyCam HomeBase?


No, the floodlight camera is a standalone product which connects to users’ home WiFi networks.But it is in plan. Please stay tuned!


Can the floodlight camera support data backup to eufyCam HomeBase?


Yes, the floodlight camera supports human detection, it can differentiate people from objects.


Does the Eufy floodlight camera support Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant?


Yes, the floodlight camera supports Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.


What’s the capacity of the internal storage? Can I upgrade it?


The floodlight camera has 4GB local storage built-in for motion-triggered recordings. In the scenario of 30 video clips per day, 1min length per recording, the 4GB eMMC can store about 16 days of footage.

Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes

Weight2.42 KG
Dimensions (L x W x H)301 × 250 × 205 mm

LxWxH: 310 x 200 x 180mm

Mounting TypeSurface Mounted
Operating Temperature-20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F)