Hive Active Light – Cool to Warm White Tuneable Smart Bulb (GU10)

The Hive UK7002475 is a smart spotlight bulb, allowing you to control the lighting from anywhere.

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    EAN / Barcode: 5054347002475


    Hive Active Light – Cool to Warm White Tuneable Smart Bulb (GU10) is compatible with the following systems:
    Zigbee CompatibleHive Hub CompatibleWorks with Siri ShortcutsWorks with AlexaWorks with the Google Assistant


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      Energise your morning with a crisp cool shade of white, then set your lights to gradually get warmer to ease into the evening. Whatever your mood, whatever the room, control your spotlights with a tap on the Hive app.

      What’s in the Box?

      • Hive Light Cool to Warm White smart GU10 bulb
      • User guide

      Hardware Features

      • Get the lighting just right from wherever you are
      • Group your Hive Lights so that you can control all of them together
      • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT
      • Works with Philips Hue light bulbs via the Hive Hub and Hive app

      More Information


      Colour Temperature: 2700K – 6500K
      L70 Lifetime: 25000 hours
      Number of LEDs: 8
      Terminal Type: GU10
      Brightness: 350 lumens

      System Requirements

      • Internet connection recommended: 1.5Mbps or higher
      • iOS or Android device running an up-to-date operating system


      Energy Rating


      Frequently Asked Questions


      Can I have my Hive Light installed by an engineer?


      No, The Hive light is designed to be self-installed.


      How do I group my Hive Spotlights?


      You will need to visit the Hive app:

      1. Go to the menu and choose ‘smart home’ and then select ‘Groups’
      2. Select ‘Groups’
      3. Click the ‘Plus’ icon to create a new group

      Now save your group.


      How do I turn my Hive Light on and off manually?


      Once your Hive Light is installed we recommend that it isn’t controlled manually. If it’s turned off at the wall or lamp switch you’ll be unable to control it remotely from your Hive app or the website dashboard until it’s switched back on again. If you do want to turn your Hive Light on and off manually, use your existing light switch on the wall or lamp.


      Why is my Hive Light showing as Offline in my app or online dashboard?


      If your Hive Light is showing as offline in your Hive app or website dashboard it could be because it’s been switched off manually from the existing light switch on the wall or lamp. Once turned off from the wall or lamp light switch it can’t be controlled remotely until switched back on at the switch. If your wall or lamp light switch is switched to on and you’re still unable to control Hive Light remotely, try restarting your Hive Hub.


      Can I use Hive Light with an existing wall mounted dimmer switch?


      Hive Lights come with a dimming feature included which can be controlled using the Hive app or from the Hive website dashboard. Hive doesn’t currently support wall mounted dimmer switches so if you already have a wall mounted dimmer switch we recommend that you keep it undimmed as it could cause your Hive Active Light to buzz or flicker.


      How do I change the colour temperature of my Hive Light?


      You need to visit the Hive app:

      1. Select your cool to warm white or colour changing light from the Hive dashboard or device list
      2. Ensure the bulb is turned on
      3. Ensure it is in the ‘Tone’ mode by clicking ‘Tone’
      4. Use the tone slider to select your preferred colour temperature.


      What Hub do I need to use Hive Spotlights?


      To make the most of Hive Spotlights you’ll need a current version of the Hive Hub.

      Product Specifications

      Physical and Performance Attributes

      Weight300 grams

      Diameter: 50mm
      Height: 54mm
      Weight: 52g

      Electronics Attributes

      Max Consumption5.4W
      Power Supply220-240V